What is a Gulet?

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There is that word again, “gulet” …. it is often times misspelt, “gullet”, but it’s more important that you know how to say it, and that is just as it appears, [ɡuˈlet]. Gulet is a Turkish word, derived from the French word, “goélette” and the Italian word, “goletta” and the represents a type of two or three masted yacht of traditional design, built long ago as trade ships and fishing boats, and today mostly seen as large and luxurious charter yachts. Although some gulets are very large and heavy, this type of vessel comes in all shapes and sizes and presents charterers with one of the most comfortable - and most “environmentally friendly - options available today.

There are three main types of gulet, the Bodrum-style gulet with a rounded aft; the “Aynakic” with a transom-stern allowing for a large aft master cabin, and the “tirhandil” — which has a pointed bow and stern and for this reason is called a double ender. All three are drawn on traditional lines and for the most part, all are built from wood. This gives the yachts their style and ambience — as even when Teak, Ebony, Mahogany or Iroko are carved into shape and turned into a vessel, they continue giving out lustrous glow and a warm vibration. The soothing feel of wood underfoot and the calming energy imparted from the material itself is the reason why people relax and feel good while they are on a gulet,. Of course, anytime that you have the chance to go barefoot, it’s a certain stress-reliever.

Gulets abound in the market, but the important thing is that you find the one to suit your needs. You can charter one for a honeymoon. You can even charter one for a wedding, and stay on for the honeymoon. Gulets with 6 cabins or more turn into party boats with fabulous four-course meals on offer for a group of friends. Gulets with loads of water sports toys will be a big hit with your family.

Fundamentally, regardless of your choice of vessel, it’s all about creating the right atmosphere for total relaxation. The saying, “keep it simple” always seems to apply to a gulet holiday, and for many, the spaciousness, the high level of comfort, an array of modern entertainment and leisure facilities win hands down every time. Ah, and let’s not forget the crew — the smiley-faced crew, ever-ready to assist you in getting more out of your trip, will be some of the nicest people you could ever meet, both “kind” and “real".


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