Luxury Yacht Charters in Alaska | Cruise in the USA and its remote places

Renting a yacht in Alaska is one of the best decisions, and it's an opportunity to experience an absolutely unique holiday for the body and mind.

Alaska yacht charter is for those who need to re-connect with nature and spend some time alone, or perhaps to go on a real family adventure. Hiring a yacht in Alaska works well for family bonding. Just imagine standing at the deck of a yacht together with kids, relatives, friends and watching the mountains, waterfalls, as well as bears, humpback whales from a close but safe distance, staring at massive icebergs floating by as you slowly cruise through the glacial passages.

When is it the best time to charter a yacht in Alaska? In reality, Alaska is a year-round yachting destination. In summer you will enjoy a good sailing experience while surrounded by the nature that’s just awaken. And in winter you’d need to hire an expedition boat capable to go through the ice.

Places to visit in Alaska include the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Tracy Arm, Chichagof Island, Juneau, Red Bluff Bay, Skagway, Admiralty. Southeast Alaska promises you a unique charter experience through fjords, isolated bays, channels and straits. There are various national parks that you may visit before or after a yacht charter experience in Alaska.

  • Lake Clark National Park and Preserve
  • Katmai National Park and Preserve
  • Chugach National Forest

Please, contact one of Contact Yachts’ preferred charter brokers for the best Alaska yacht charter experience and a tailor-made itinerary. There are boats available for any budget and need. And we’ll make sure to find the right yacht for you.

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Available for charter in USA

  • Exploring The Wild
    Luxury motor yacht in Alaska for rent BLACKWOOD | Alaska yacht cruises


    30.2 m / 4 / USA
    € 49.698 - € 69.577
    Exploring The Wild

    Snow Goose

    19 m / 6 / USA
    € 47.586 - € 47.586