Contact Yachts offering yacht charter management services

Компания Contact Yachts предлагает услуги менеджмента для чартерных яхт с экипажем, а также частных яхт любых размеров.

Contact Yachts offering yacht charter management services

Our Yacht Charter Management Team offers the following range of services for the yacht owners:

  • Charter legislation and requirements in local cruising grounds
  • Berthing & marina locations
  • Crew supply
  • Charter provisioning, itineraries
  • Airport transfers, land tours, excursions
  • Concierge Services

Frequently Asked Questions about Yacht Charter Management

►What is the advantage for me in chartering out my yacht?

One of the most significant benefits is financial. Your boat will generate income from the charters that will serve you to cover running and operational expenses of the yacht. In prospect, a record of successful charters and regular cruises each season should bring more clients. Therefore, this can and will turn into a profitable business.

►Will I be able to use my yacht for my own purpose?

Absolutely yes! If you charter out your vessel, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to cruise it. As an owner, you decide how many days, weeks, months your boat is available for charters. And we act accordingly by sharing a booking calendar with our clients and yacht charter brokers so they know when the yacht can be rented. The important aspect is that you continue enjoying the ownership of the yacht and at the same time you receive income when not using it.

►Will charters wear out my yacht?

Any yacht is built and put on water to be used. That’s the fact. This means that regular charters will be an advantage to the boat. A constant operation of the vessel will keep its systems running. You can be sure that the yacht will stay clean and will undergo the regular maintenance checks. Keeping your yacht in use and in a perfect condition will do you good if one day you decide to sell it as the yacht will retain its value.

►How does Contact Yachts get clients willing to charter my yacht?

We use a variety of the advertising channels to promote your yacht. Some of them include our websites, social media, and publications in the media. We also share information about the boat with our colleagues in the yacht charter and travel industry worldwide. We offer a commission for them for each charter being through them, however as a central agent for the yacht we manage the charters by ourselves.

►Where do I start from if I decide to charter out my yacht with you?

Once you have decided that the idea of keeping your boat in use and generating income from charters, you contact us directly via email address info@contactyachts.com or fill in the contact form. After we get in touch with you, go through the details of cooperation and send you our charter management agreement. Once it is signed, we will proceed with checking the yacht, meeting the crew, making a list of on board facilities, putting together an inventory that’s on board your vessel. When everything is ready, we start the promotion of a yacht. We would need a collection or recently taken photographs of the boat. A video would be an advantage.

Contact Yachts offering yacht charter management services