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D Maris Bay hotel and TRIFOGLIO luxury yacht rent for one day | Turkey

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Are you looking for a luxury motor yacht to go on a day cruise near D MARIS BAY hotel or ANGEL'S MARMARIS?

These two hotels are the most luxurious venues near Marmaris, and it is very popular among their guests to rent a yacht for one day and explore nearby bays and restaurants.

Beautiful motor vessel TRIFOGLIO is available for day rentals. It is also possible to rent her for longer time.

TRIFOGLIO yacht underwent a major refit and looks better than ever. She accommodates 8 guests in 4 luxury staterooms. Her expansive aft and upper decks will host guests for culinary retreats, and her foredeck lounge zone suits perfectly for a cocktail hour.

turkey rent yacht for one day

4 - Guests 8 - Crew 3+1
Length 29,6 m - Year built 2005 - Refit 2017

Day rate in August (from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM): 4,500 Euro + Food and drinks
Fuel for cruising is included.

Арнеда яхты в Турции


ORHANIYE is a classic Turkish seaside village. It is famous for its fresh and organic vegetables & fruits market, coves with crystal clear waters to swim and one unique beach called Kizkumu, which means "Maiden's Sand". It’s a 600-meters long tongue of sand where you can walk while being surrounded with deep waters.

SELIMIYE is located around a small peninsula-like ledge. It's a beautiful mix of lush bushy trees and red tile roofs of the villas and little boutique hotels. There’s no loud music, neither “noisy” groups of tourists here. but only miniature tavernas, lounge coffee places, and several authentic restaurants which are located just two meters away from the transparent and very captivating sea.

BOZBURUN is also very known for the boat workshops scattered around the town where local craftsmen build popular Turkish gulets. You absolutely must see these shipyards, which are located just by the road in-between usual houses and look as if the boats are being built just in the backyards where you have chickens and roosters walking around freely, and growing potatoes.

Яхта в аренду в Турции

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