Lavender in Croatia

No matter which part of Croatia you came to explore during your yacht charter vacation, you’ll wind up in one of those cute little souvenir stores to see what you could bring home with you to remember this sunny Balkan country and its unspoilt nature.

The shops are well stocked with anything you could imagine: key tags, plates, magnets, and t-shirts with letterings “Dubrovnik”, “Game of Thrones”, or “Korcula: home of Marco Polo”. You will also notice extraordinary quantity of mementos with lavender or products made of it: soap, etheric oil, creams, fragrance bags, honey, jam.

After seeing such variety of a purple blue “cuteness” you can’t help but wonder whether there are fields of this enchantment here in Croatia, just like the ones in South of France near famous lavender “heaven”, which is a town called Grasse? Some of us would have to admit, it’s a very beautiful experience to witness romantic beauty of violet blooming and of course to take cute photographs of it.

So yes, answering the question above, there are fields of lavender in Croatia. That’s why you have all these souvenirs around.

There’s no need to explain why there’s a fuss over lavender, especially among ladies, who love it for the tender color, pleasant scent, and theraupeutic qualities which help to cope with headaches, insomnia, and various emotions of stress. Since ages this flowering plant was used to take a gentle care of body and mind.

You’d need to go farther inland of Croatia to find spacious lavender fields. Since you’re traveling with the yacht, we need to find for you something much closer, along the coast. The most famous place where they cultivate lavender in this beautiful country is Hvar island.

In June and early July, the hills of this Croatian ‘Saint Tropez” and its rocky slopes are dotted with the herb. Get off the yacht anywhere you’d like around the island, and take a ride to Brusje village or Velo Grablje. There you’ll see the charming blooming with your own eyes.

Locals allege that Hvar lavender is of the highest quality in the world thanks to the perfect sunny weather and fertile soil. We won’t be arguing with that. Just keep in mind, the season for lavender is quite short. If you come in August, it may be too late.

If you happen to charter a yacht in the end of June in Croatia, you may want to visit lavender festival and fling yourself into local celebrations. Quite an authentic event takes place every year on the 29th of June at Hvar island.

It is certaintly possible to have a “lavender rendevous” in other places along the coast. For example, in Dubrovnik, close to the main city harbour there is a big glade of lavender near the quayside. It is very beautiful to see this harmonic yet urban scene.

While in gothic Sibenik, please visit the Medieval Mediterranean Garden of St. Lawrence Monastery. There in the heaven on earth you’ll find not only bushes of lavender but plenty of other beautiful plants. This garden is just five minutes away from the main cathedral of the town, and it reminds a sanctuary which exists out of time.

There’s no need to get upset if you missed the blooming season. Choose some nice lavender souvenir to remember and be inspired by it when you return home. And while in Croatia, don’t forget to taste local ice-cream with lavender flavor. It has quite an unusual, but somehow a refreshing and delicate taste.

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