Marmaris - a popular port of call for luxury yacht charters

The turquoise coast of Turkey stretches from west to south of this magnificent country. There are infinite places where you can start your yacht charter itinerary from. Yet, Marmaris remains one of the most popular ports of call.

Several decades ago this place was a quiet little town located in one of the most beautiful and majestic bays of Turkey. Today it’s a vibrant and colorful travel destination which is alive even out of season.

Guests usually board their luxury yacht, whether it’s a motor-sailor or traditional Turkish wooden gulet, or a motor yacht, and depart for their most memorable and blissful Blue Cruise journey while visiting some of beautiful Greek islands which are located nearby.

There are several options which direction to sail. Charterers either choose to cruise North of Marmaris in order to meet unspoilt and secluded bays of Bozburun peninsula with crystal clear waters, romantic little villages and nature wonders, to visit Datça and ancient remains in this area, pay a visit to unique Aegean islands, Rhodes, Symi, and Kos, and then to enjoy the vibrant and fashionable Turkish city Bodrum, famous for its open air parties and concerts of classic music which is attended by world-renowned artists. North adventure doesn’t finish here. After Bodrum there are many more places of interest and important sites to visit, such as ancient city of Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary located near.

If you sail South of Marmaris, there will be more of divine nature waiting for you, such as famous bays of Göcek and Fethiye, a ghost-town Kayaköy, the famous Turtle Beach, the Valley of Butterflies, Turkish “dead sea” Ölüdeniz, and one of the most romantic towns of the Mediterranean – a place called Kaş. Don’t forget about birthplace of one of the most worshipped saints of Christianity – Saint Nicholas of Myra.

However, don’t be in a rush to leave Marmaris. If it’s too loud for your over here, then of course it’s time to lift the anchor, start the engines of the yacht and sail to the next quiet bay. If you fancy to pay a visit to this little friendly and hospitable town, then start from explore the old town located on the hill and crowned with five-centuries old castle built for the needs of Süleyman the Magnificent, wonder through the colorful maze of the old quarter, where you’ll find lovely narrow streets carefully decorated with blooming bougainvillea, palms, cypress trees and all kinds of greens. All this will remind of a Greek ambient.

Explore the covered bazaar of Marmaris where local merchants sell all kind of goods, starting from gastronomic Turkish delights to all kinds of jewelry pieces and Iznik pottery, which captivates travelers with its beauty.

If you feel like stopping in a small museum-café where you can find out about traditions of how locals used to live and at the same time to taste most delicious and unusual desserts with no sugar, visit Kapurcuk culture and gastronomy house. For the best kebab and döner kebab follow the steps of local people who go to Rota Barış Usta in Netsel Marina. The meat, salads and meze are simply amazing here. In general, if you want to dine ashore in Turkey, don’t go to places where you spot tourists. Look for the one where locals eat. This means you’ll enjoy food till the last bite.

Souvenir-wise Marmaris has to offer a good variety of goods, especially for honey-lovers. The most famous is pine tree honey, locally produced. The surrounding land of Marmaris is famous for producing most delicious honey. There are several honey boutiques where you can find everything you need. Also pay attention to real hand-made Iznik ceramics. If you are looking for eco foods, like vegetables and fruits, then make sure to visit local market which takes place on special days of the week. Not only you’ll see all kinds of farmer goods of high quality, but see how local people like to shop and how much they value farmer goods.

When done exploring, go back to your luxury home aboard a magnificent yacht and keep on enjoying the best adventure accompanied by a dedicated crew who’s ready to do their best for you to have a wonderful time during your cruise.

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