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Rent a yacht for a day: Explore Ibiza, Santorini, Mykonos, Bodrum, Amalfi and much more

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Chartering a yacht only for a day is a very popular practice for those who love sea adventures. It’s a perfect way to enjoy hot sunny days of your family vacation in Europe, swim, snorkel, be inspired with the landscapes and just staying close enough to the water.

If you spend most of your holiday in a hotel or villa but wish to diversify your trip with an adventurous experience, then hiring a yacht for a short period of time is a good choice.

It gives you freedom, privacy, fantastic and lively summer pictures and allows you to visit the coves and secluded bays, that are impossible to reach without a yacht.


Basically, it is possible to rent a daily yacht tour wherever you are on the shore, either in Antalya, Kemer, or Bodrum, or you’re staying on Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, visiting Amalfi coast or Sicily, partying at Ibiza or relaxing on Mallorca. Each of these places has enough facilities to offer you great experiences.

Renting a motor yacht or hiring a gulet only for a day is also a great way to find out whether this kind of experience suits you if you’ve never chartered a yacht before. A classic yacht charter lasts for seven days, but if you have doubts or concerns whether you will like to stay onboard in general, this option fits perfect for you.

Our yacht specialists will help you to choose the right yacht for a daily trip. It is possible to hire a small 15m motor yacht or even a large Sunseeker 40 meters long to explore nearby towns, villages, and even islands.


Usually, a day trip on a charter yacht starts at 10 AM and ends at 18 PM. For example, if you start your sailing journey from Tourlos Port or Ornos bay at Mykonos, you will most probably disembark at the same port in the evening.

The yachts vary, that is why you can hire a speed boat just to cruise and swim around or a yacht that offers accommodation. It is comfortable for those travelling with kids. They may get tired during the day, and you’ll have a safe place for them to sleep, such as master cabins, or twin cabins available onboard. Plus having a bathroom onboard with shower and etc. is always a great idea.

As for the crew, on most small yachts (15-24m) there will be a captain and a hostess who will accompany you during the day. A stewardess can also be a chef if you need such an option.

Basic water toys are available, such as snorkelling gear, fishing gear. However, you can rent something in addition. For example, a sea bob.

Prices to rent a yacht for a day vary: you can pay 500 euro or 5,000 euro, or even more. Some yachts will charge local VAT and Advance Advanced Provisioning Allowance (30% from the hiring rate) to cover such expenses as food, drinks, fuel and extra charges.

You can hire a yacht just for two people or even for a big family with friends. Let’s say, some gulets are perfect to carry 16 passengers for a day trip.

It is comfortable if a yacht is based near your hotel. For example, you stay in ultra-luxurious D Maris Bay near Hisaronu, Turkey. Then in the morning, a yacht crew will pick you up with a tender, and you will start your beautiful journey in one of the most beautiful cruising grounds in the world. Or if you stay a bit far from the yacht, or it has no opportunity to come close to your location, then a quick and comfortable transfer will bring you to the port of embarkation.

If you have more questions on daily yacht trips anywhere in the world or you know where you’d like to charter a boat and when, please don’t hesitate to contact us to check the availability of vessels, rates, and any other information.

We wish you a beautiful yachting holiday wherever you decide to sail!


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