Banned from Europe? Don’t feel unwanted, come to Turkey!

Banned from Europe? Don’t feel unwanted, come to Turkey!

Banned from Europe?
Don’t feel unwanted - come to Turkey!

Officials of the European Union has announced a list of countries that are welcome to travel to the E.U. after months of lockdown due to the Covid-19. The U.S., Russia, Brazil are not on the list, as many other countries.

If you happen to be from one of the banned nations, we have a beautiful solution for you.

Turkey has lifted travel restrictions and is now ready to welcome foreign travellers, except for the land border with Iran, which is closed.

There's also no mandatory 14-day quarantine on arrival for those who come to Turkey.

So you're welcome to visit this beautiful country and charter a yacht for any occation.

Contact Yachts is here to assist you with any inquiry.

We're happy to offer you an amazing selection of charter yachts in Turkey ready to welcome you onboard.


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