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What is the best way to plan a family yacht charter adventure?

What is the best way to plan a family yacht charter adventure?

To choose an ideal yacht for a family vacation is also not the easiest task, which requires time and assistance of someone who has the knowledge of the yachts and their crews.

A vacation run-up is quite a serious matter. It is not important whether you are going to travel alone or with a family, it does require efforts to plan the trip so that your holiday exceeds all possible expectations in the best sense of the term. It’s no wonder why it’s like this, because in the pot you have that one-two-three weeks of freedom which you have well deserved after all those working days, calls, meetings, conferences, and so on. So everything should better go smoothly.

To choose an ideal yacht for a family vacation is also not the easiest task, which requires time and assistance of someone who has the knowledge of the yachts and their crews. That is why you have yacht charter brokers who are there to help with every single matter and answer every possible question before you decide to cruise a particular vessel. Years of experience in the industry, participation in yacht charter fairs and shows, exploring the yachts and getting to know the crew, updates and features, all this is combined in a professional so that he or she can become a trustful partner for the clients who is able to offer more than just a list of available yachts on the market.

Travelers often ask themselves whether they should go with a “hotel-based” vacation or to charter a yacht, if they are going on holiday with a family, especially if a group consists of two, three, and even four generations. Of course, we won’t be stating immediately that a yacht charter vacation wins over with many features. We’ll just mention, why it is that good, and it is you who’ll make the right decision for yourself and your loved ones.


A family cruise – it is for sure the absence of monotony. This is one of the biggest advantages of a yacht vacation. And it is important to keep it in mind.

The moment you board the vessel of your choice, an unforgettable journey has begun. Even though the trip has approximate plan, it will for sure award you with plenty of unexpected and wonderful surprises and memories. There are so many hidden gems on your way to discover sailing area, that no words can describe the excitement.

For instance, you’ve chosen an itinerary which includes a visit to Greek islands of the Dodecanese and turquoise coast of south-western Turkey. Instead of seeing only one resort, one town, one hotel and several excursions, you’ll come upon tons of unique bays and coves, ancient settlements, national parks, islands. And it is not to mention all those sunsets and sunrises aboard the yacht which take place in different decorations every single time.

Such a change of a “picture” for true adventurers is a quintessential feature of every vacation. Though, it doesn’t mean of course that you’re obliged to rush from one location to another, go on land, examine the sites and run to the yacht again in order to start cruising towards another destination. No way! You have the whole yacht for your benefit. You may do whatever you feel like. For example, you may decide to sail near a beautiful location close enough to see it from the sea, and then to continue your cruise without making a stop. This is the salt of a yacht vacation – to do whatever you feel like doing.


As for boredom, it will never overtake you either you are aboard a super luxury yacht or a vessel with some lesser amount of luxe. There are infinite ways to be entertained aboard any vessel for the members of the party of all ages, from the youngest to the most senior. First of all, each yacht has a wide selection of “water toys” – equipment for water sports and fun: kayaks, scuba diving, banana, trampolines, paddleboard, sea bob, etc. Also there is usually some equipment for fitness and sport, bicycles for those who want to explore the shore riding a two-wheel mate; spa saloons, massage tables, Jacuzzi; board games, costume parties, satellite TV, internet, huge movie libraries, iPod dock stations, and many more. For those who want to be left alone for some time there are various lounge areas where in the shaded spot one can read a favorite book or listen to the music in peace.

What’s very important, all you need to do is to relax and have your personal joy and fun, because the rest is taken care of by a wonderful and friendly crew, who will bring your drinks, find the glasses you may have lost somewhere on the deck, snacks, they will set “water toys”, bring dry towels or find the coloring for kids, etc.


Plus, don’t forget about high standards of security and safety, which are carefully followed aboard each yacht. There are various barriers and fencing for kids. If it’s necessary, the crew will provide the youngest members of the party with special kids’ chairs so that a child feels comfortable with a family around dining table. Mega yachts feature elevators for the guests’ comfort to move around decks; hydraulic swimming platforms for an easy reach of sea water and getting out of it. There is also different on deck protection from the sun when it’s too hot during the day. The crew opens up a special tent to create a nice shadowed area where you can find yourself in the middle of a beautiful oasis complemented with sea breeze.

Pitching is also not an issue since modern yachts have a feature of zero stabilization. It means that when cruising guests will feel maximum of comfort. Plus, there are lots of areas, especially in south-western Turkey where wind and pitching are rare phenomenon. It’s almost always calm and sunny in that area.

So these are the main moments we thought to mention. Oh, and one last, but not least feature: movie nights are quite popular aboard yachts, but not inside the saloon, which is also an option, but on deck where there’s either a TV or a projector and the screen. Can you imagine that feeling when there is you and your family together, stunning nature scenery, no noise of neighbors, streets, cities. It is hard to undervalue such vacation.


And not to forget sailing itself if you charter a sailing yacht. Children will be impressed the most with the power of sails when they are open and carry a yacht forward to her next best location. They will remember this experience for decades telling stories how once they went on a wonderful journey with their parents, saw the most beautiful corners of the world and experienced the power of wind how it was done in the old times by our ancestors when they couldn’t even dream of hi-tech opportunities.

A vacation aboard the yacht is something much more than just a marine adventure. It is a whole life woven from miraculous moments for the whole family gently nested in a week or two period of time.


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