Benvenuti in Italy - one of the most beautiful cruising grounds not only in the Mediterranean, but in the whole world.

Charter a yacht in Italy and you'll wish to experience this experience over and over again. Sailing in Sardinia, Naples, Sicily, Aeolian Islands, or Portofino is never out of fashion. Spending careless summer days surrounded with romantic views, charming historical and cultural heritage, turquoise sea water, and picturesque little coastal villages is a chic gift you may give yourself and your loved ones.

Italy offers infinite choice for spending a perfect vacation on board a luxury crewed yacht while visiting its glamorous towns for shopping, sightseeing, fantastic cuisine, vibrant nightlife. Sailing alongside the coast is another charming experience you should live through.

A yacht hire experience in Italy will bring you many wonderful memories. Choose a destination you like and go on a lifetime journey without hesitation! Browse through our fleet of yachts in Italy and enjoy dolce vita!

On a Yacht Along the Coast of Italy: Enjoy an Unforgettable Holiday!

Italy is an amazing country: warm and sunny, friendly, welcoming and very diverse. Even if you've already visited Italy several times, a yacht journey along the coast will show you the Italian treasures from a new and unknown side. It is a guarantee that you will have a lot of fun and joy during such a trip.

Warm and gentle Mediterranean Sea, nice and cool Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas, the Sicilian and Sardinian Seas, the Adriatic, the Ionian Sea... there are so many seas around Italy that it can't be compared with any other country. You would ask - what could be a more suitable place for a leisurely, relaxing and at the same time rich in impressions yacht holiday than Italy?

10 reasons for Yacht Chartering Italy

In fact, there are many more reasons, but let's take a look at some of them:

  • there are several major international airports in Italy, so it's easy to choose the closest one to the place of embarkation and start your journey easily;
  • the natural beauty of the Italian coast is magnificent, and you will enjoy both admiring it and taking hundreds of gorgeous photos and videos;
  • the sea breeze in summer makes you feel much more comfortable during hot July and August days;
  • there are no harsh storms in the Italian seas during a yachting season;
  • local beaches, especially in Sardinia, are one of the best in Europe, and you will have the opportunity to make sure it is so;
  • diving into the warm sea directly from the deck of a charter yacht is an incomparable pleasure and exclusive privilege;
  • you can go to any port you like at any time according to your planned itinerary and enjoy excellent local cuisine or exciting shopping;
  • you decide how much time you'd like to devote to knowing the sights and local gems - which ones to visit, and which ones to skip or leave for the next time;
  • it's possible to plan a comfortable itinerary for any season, and for a specific occasion, so there's no need to wait for the summer holidays;
  • a yacht charter in Italy allows you to visit not only popular tourist locations but also little-known small islands with their special unique flavour.

If you're going to Italy for the first time, of course, start with visiting the most popular places. Legendary Rome, the golden coast of Emilia-Romagna province, ancient Naples, stunning and magnificence Florence. Venice - a unique city on the water with canals, gondolas and gondoliers, the legendary San Marco's square and the ancient Doge's Palace are waiting to be seen for the first time. And let's not forget the islands of Sicily and Sardinia - two of the most popular yachting destinations in the whole Mediterranean.


Italian food you should definitely try when chartering a yacht here

Nutritionists believe that Mediterranean cuisine is the key to healthy and active longevity. So when you're in Italy, you are welcome to enjoy delicious and healthy meals prepared from fresh local ingredients. There are a lot of vegetables and fruits, fish and seafood, whole grain flour and olive oil. Even though Italian cuisine is very high in calories, these calories consist of healthy natural nutrients.

If you appreciate wine, add a glass of red or white from a local vineyard to your meal, and enjoy life. Oh, and let's not forget the aroma of coffee in Italy: an invigorating ristretto or a light lungo - the choice is yours!

Here is a short list of what you should definitely try when chartering a yacht in Italy:

  • thick and nutritious minestrone;
  • exquisite carpaccio with olive oil;
  • pasta with different sauces;
  • tortellini and ravioli;
  • pizza that's being prepared right in front of you;
  • risotto with meat, mushrooms or seafood;
  • super tasty lasagna;
  • creamy gelato ice cream and delicate tiramisu dessert.

Weather in Italy: what you need to know when going on a yacht cruise

Summer days are a true blessing in Italy. The sea warms up to +27°C, and the air temperature is usually +34°C. There may be light rainy moments, but this doesn't affect your yachting vacation.

Don't be afraid of very hot days when you're on a yacht, as the fresh sea breeze will cool off the air a bit and let you enjoy the journey.
The northern and central regions of Italy are a bit cooler than the southern part of the peninsula. And the real heat reigns in Sicily and Sardinia.

Top places to visit in Italy when chartering a yacht

Yacht travellers are so lucky that not only the inland part of Italy has beautiful and interesting places to see. The coast offers an infinity of historically significant, inspiring and nice spots to discover too. Some of them are so close to the water, that you don't even need to disembark:

  • ancient Genoa with many attractions;
  • San-Remo, known throughout the world for its annual music festival;
  • Bordighera with its sumptuous impressive architecture;
  • Albenga, a city that has managed to preserve the unique atmosphere of the Middle Ages;
  • Anzio, one of the bright pearls of the Tyrrhenian coast;
  • Naples with its cathedrals, frescoes and the mesmerizing panorama of Vesuvius;
  • the islands of Ischia and Capri that attract tourists from all over the world with their natural beauty;
  • Amalfi, a resort at the very foot of the cliffs with its impressively beautiful beaches;
  • Sicilian Palermo, where ancient architecture is harmoniously blended with a modern look;
  • The coast of Sardinia steals the hearts even of the most experienced travellers with its unique aura

And this is only a tiny part of Italian beauty that's worthy of attention.

A yacht charter along the coast of Italy is a special form of relaxation. It can't be compared to staying in a hotel. While cruising around, you discover so much and collect so many memories. Plus, you are doing it in comfort without a need for packing and unpacking every time you're in a new place.

Just try it, and you will definitely want to do it again!


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