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Coronavirus and Yacht Charter Holidays

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The yacht charter industry experts reassure that a yachting holiday is one of the safest options at the moment due to many reasons.

Summer Travel Plans & The Coronavirus

Summer is coming, which usually means that the long-awaited holidays are also near. However, people are more and more concerned about whether their travel plans will happen in the upcoming months.

No one can predict at the moment what travel bans and restrictions are waiting for us. We just choose to remain hopeful that everything will be good and we will finally relax during a beautiful travel experience that we all deserve.

Health industry experts inform that it is an absolutely personal decision for the travellers whether they choose to go to a specific coronavirus-free holiday destination or no in the nearest future. For now, there are still many places in the Mediterranean for a yacht charter, such as Greek islands, Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and worldwide that are open for tourists to come and have an amazing holiday. They are either with a very low risk or virus-free (accurate for March 11, 2020).

In this article, we’d like to suggest alternative yacht charter destinations in case the most popular cruising grounds in summer that are located in the Mediterranean won’t be an option.

Everything may change in a day, and here at Contact Yachts, we wish you to stay healthy and safe wherever you and your closed ones are or will be.


Please, remember about taking out travel insurance and always check if you’re covered during your journey in case there’s an outbreak of the virus that may cause flight cancellation, shut downs of the hotels, and other scenarios.

Is a yacht charter a safe option for a holiday?

The yacht charter industry experts reassure that a yachting holiday is one of the safest options at the moment due to many reasons. For those planning a luxury yacht charter vacation during the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, please keep in mind the following.

Number one reason is that a yacht offers an opportunity to stay away from the shore and crowded places, high-end hotels, luxury villas, restaurants. Charterers will still enjoy a vacation as they have a personal chef onboard who cooks 5* restaurant meals, so there’s no need to step onboard. A yacht provides a remote holiday experience in peaceful and secluded bays, uninhabited islands, and it has direct access to the wild beaches. So the risks that can be observed in the public areas are minimized. Such entreatments as various water sports activities are always available onboard to keep everybody entertained enough. There’s no need to mention about TV, Internet, Music, and Movies also available on each yacht.

In case if the provision is limited on a yacht, the crew doesn’t need to go to the stores and interact with people. The team can purchase anything via a phone call. The products are delivered to the quay and left there. The crew then takes the goods onboard.

Coronavirus & Yacht Charter Vacation

Before each charter, the crew extensively cleans the yacht so it is kept in appropriate conditions for a healthy environment. Plus the crew members can be checked before each cruise to make sure they are healthy and safe. For the team, it is not an issue to ensure that the clients having their best and safest time onboard, but it is rather a priority at all times. The crew members are used to different kind of requests that would seem challenging in the ordinary life, but not on a yacht.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, there’s a rise in yacht charter inquiries and bookings as many travellers realize that this is a safe alternative to an onshore vacation. Plus people are interested more and more in discovering alternative yacht charter destinations to stay away from the crowds even in a normal situation when there are no crowds. Some don’t prefer to go to Mykonos, Santorini, Ibiza anymore as they want more quiet, peaceful, and unknown places to be discovered.

Is there a special cancellation policy for the yacht charters during coronavirus?

For those who hesitate whether to book a charter or no, yacht owners offer flexible cancellation policy due to the coronavirus when the contract is signed. Therefore, it is possible to feel confident in choosing a yacht for a charter and concluding the deal when you know there’s a special Addendum that covers coronavirus situation

Coronavirus & Yacht Charter Crew
Coronavirus & Yacht Charter Crew
Coronavirus & Yacht Charter Crew

Alternative Yacht Charter Destination with none or low incidence of the coronavirus



French Polynesia

South Pacific

New Zealand

The Caribbean islands

East Africa

West Africa


Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey, Greece are also on-demand among charterers.

Together with the industry colleagues Contact Yachts highly recommends to follow coronavirus guidelines and take all necessary precautionary measures provided by the World Health Organisation and International Maritime Health Association.


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