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Coronavirus and Yacht Charter Terms & Conditions

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You would like to book a yacht charter, but you are concerned: what will happen to the money you paid for a cruise if you can’t travel because of COVID-19?

Together with the yacht owners and partners Contact Yachts cares about each guest. Therefore, for every signed contract we use special addendum that protects the interests of the charterers.

There are the conditions under which you may:

  • cancel a yacht charter and get a full refund for a yacht charter;
  • change the date of your journey;
  • receive a partial refund if the charter already has started and can’t continue because of the pandemic.

Please, feel free to contact our yacht charter specialists to learn more about coronavirus-related terms & conditions and the yachting destinations that are ready and safe to welcome travelers.

You will have a chance to read the addendum before you sign the charter contract. We send this document to you in advance. If you have any questions related to the contractual provisions, Contact Yachts charter specialists are here to answer them at any time.

Yacht Charter Experience & the New Reality of the COVID-19

We’d also like to inform you that in response to the situation the yachts will follow new and enhanced hygiene and cleaning measures and protocols to ensure a safe cruise for the guests and the crew.

A yacht offers an opportunity to stay away from the shore and crowded places, high-end hotels, luxury villas, restaurants. Charterers will still enjoy a vacation as they have a personal chef onboard who cooks 5* restaurant meals, so there’s no need to step onboard. A yacht provides a remote holiday experience in peaceful and secluded bays, uninhabited islands, and it has direct access to the wild beaches. So the risks that can be observed in the public areas are minimized. Such entreatments as various water sports activities are always available onboard to keep everybody entertained enough. There’s no need to mention TV, Internet, Music, and Movies also available on each yacht.

In case if the provision is limited on a yacht, the crew doesn’t need to go to the stores and interact with people. The team can purchase anything via a phone call. The products are delivered to the quay and left there. The crew then takes the goods onboard.

We are happy to assist you with planning your summer yachting holiday and feel safe.


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