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Diary of a fam trip: The South of France, n’est-ce pas??

Diary of a fam trip: The South of France, n’est-ce pas??


Victoria Hamilton Boz is not only one of the founders of our company, she is also a writer sharing with readers her beautiful stories from traveling around the world, meeting new people and exploring new destinations. Victoria's writings are always full of inspiration and love.

Right now Victoria is on a fam trip on board a beautiful motor yacht MASTEKA 2 in one of the most charming yacht charter destinations one can possibly imagine, New Caledonia that is in the southwest Pacific Ocean.

We're following Vicotira's journey while reading her travel notes about this wonderful adventure. And we also invite you to join us.

Here is the first note to enjoy!


"I have just checked-in this evening but I’m already in (South Pacific) heaven with the level of comfort! I am spending a night in 4-star luxury as a guest of the Chateau Royal in Noumea, New Caledonia. This is one of those Beach Resort and Spas where you wish your stay was longer, or that the world would turn a little slower.

Since my arrival off a smooth 2 hour and 40 minute Aircalin flight (where I was treated to "Hibiscus Class" with wonderful service and amenities), I have seen countless smiling faces, sampled some fine "fused flavours" and learned a whole lot about this emerging destination in the space of a few short hours. That I have to sleep is inevitable, but I’m looking forward to seeing Chateau Royal by day and… dare I say it, dipping more than a big toe into the Aquatonic pool downstairs! The benefits of the Aquatonic pool are listed as ”physical relaxation, mental relaxation, lightness and joint relief, the invigoration and relaxation brought about through the stimulation of the senses and improved blood circulation due to hydrostatic pressure and the draining and massaging effects of the jets" — among other things! When will I get my chance? Perhaps when I return to Noumea. For now however, I really need to rest. In fact, setting sail for the islands of the “lagoon" will come much sooner than I anticipate… and from what I understand it will all leave me breathless!

It would appear that I will enjoy nature’s currents and counter-currents ahead of those designed for people enjoying a spa alone. I am looking forward to both!"

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