Discovering new destinations: sailing along the coast of Albania

Owning or chartering a yacht always refer to some of freedom - freedom of movement, transportation, and discoveries. You can sail wherever you wish to if you consider existing regulations and rules of a particular destination.

Traveling from one point to another is also quite a journey itself. During sailing, you can see many unexpected and interesting sites of which you’ve never even thought or known.

While being on a journey with “Blue Eyes” to Montenegro from Turkey we passed by the coast of Albania. For me it was a first time, and what I saw, was simply amazing: a range of beautiful and massive mountains, which rise from the blues of the sea and stretch high above almost touching the sky. You can see how gorgeous local nature is and how unpoilt it looks. No wonder I’d felt to know more about this coastline which can be and is already for some – a great yacht destination.

The majestic montane coast of Albania is 135 nautical miles long full of beautiful coves, sand beaches, and bays. You can bravely say that it’s Europe’s one of the most magnificent coastlines and least known, which means it’s not crowded. Yet.

For yachtsmen there are numerous options to explore the area. If you sail from the Greek waters, then first stop can be done in the most southern seaside resort of Albania and its one of the most popular places to visit - Sarande. Located just across Corfu island in Greece, it has a bay with beautiful and crystal-clear waters to enjoy and a pleasant promenade to have a walk.

The most popular habits of sailors in this area are of course swiming in aquamarine and turquoise waters of the sea, having a barbeque and visiting local authentic restaurants.

When you sail norther, you could possible or even should make a stop in Porto Palermo where the deep-blue water of Ionian Sea hides some good shelters. Nearby attractions are an old fish quay, unspoilt hills covered with beautiful greens, Ali Pasha Fortress, and a submarine tunnel which attracts those who are seeking a taste of adventure. Albania is a country with a past, and both the coastline and the inland are places to know better.

Closer to Montenegro boarder there are several more seaside towns, one of which is Schengjin. It’s a popular tourist destination where yachtsmen can refill provision on their way to northern Adriatic.

The country itself has been recently developing its touristic infrastructure in order to attract more and more visitors, including yachtsmen. So soon Albania may be filled with those who look for the off the beaten routes and search for something undiscovered with a mix of history and culture. And Albania has it all: streets of capital city Tirana busy with traffic in the daytime, and nightlife after the dawn, Ottoman style architecture, medieval Balkan sites, citadels and one of a kind warmth and hospitality of local people.

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