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Dubrovnik by night: can it get more romantic exploring the town before returning to the yacht?

Dubrovnik by night: can it get more romantic exploring the town before returning to the yacht?

As the sun hides behind Elaphite islands, and the twilight enfolds the town, Dubrovnik changes its mood.

One of the best preserved medieval towns in the world, Croatian Dubrovnik doesn’t need much of an introduction. The Pearl of the Adriatic Sea has quite easily merited its honorary place in the list of the most desirable travel destinations to visit.

Here inside the town walls and in the near-by areas there’s absolutely everything for an ideal and arresting vacation, i.e. an old town of a highly improbable beauty covered with a single canvas of terracotta roofs and overtopped with the domes and facades of the churches. All this is flavored with infinite number of panoramic observation sites, from where you have sumptuous views at different parts of the town, such as a secluded Gradac Park, where mostly only locals and fans of the world-renowned TV series “Game of Thrones” repose (some scenes of the show were filmed here).


Along the craggy coast covered with pines and cypress trees the water of the sea has a fantastic aquamarine hue, which captivates your attention and beckons immediately to take a dip. The beaches are incredibly clean, not only in Dubrovnik, but in most of Croatia. Rich local cuisine full of light and heavy meals is also a part of a journey within a town.

All this is a work of art, which you wish to inscribe on a huge canvas and take home with you.


As the sun hides behind Elaphite islands, and the twilight enfolds the town, Dubrovnik changes its mood. As if it takes off an image of a “perfect medieval honors student” who shows perfect scores in a modern world and instead becomes an easy going and the most romantic spot on Earth. No snapshot or description will truly convey the atmosphere which reigns here at night, but let’s give it a try.

If you have decided to stay overnight on anchor close to Dubrovnik, for example, near Lokrum island, ask your crew to take you to the shore around ten o’clock in the evening. Even if you feel a pleasant tiredness, give it a try. You’ll arrive with a tender at the old town’s port, a place which is not less scenic at night than in the day time. Instead of a traditional stir you’ll see calm symphony of town’s life filled with illumination, small little fishermen boats waiting for a night to pass and a new busy day to arrive, a quayside filled with men and women, couples who came to Dubrovnik to celebrate their romance or those who perhaps have just fallen in love among the old city walls.


Some are just walking, others peacefully enjoy the views and a reflection of stars in the sea slick at Porporela – a secluded pier and breakwater in the old harbor of Dubrovnik. There are also several port restaurants where people explore local Dalmatian cuisine which is accompanied with spellbinding live music which you want to enjoy and not to run away covering your ears and wanting to “unhear” it.

You could make a stop here and enjoy the calmness and peacefulness of the moment, but there’s something behind the old walls which calls you to delve into it.

Your intuition is right. Here just after entering a town’s gate pure love is in the air, a love for life and for its beauty, which embraces you tenderly. You’re surrounded with old-fashioned decorations and modern vibes. People are walking cobblestone streets which are ideally polished thought-out centuries. Someone is moving at a leisurely pace, others are in a rush for a date or to fill the booked spot in one of the local bars, some head for a special event or even a date with the town, whose architecture is so beautiful at night. Tourists literally from all over the world and locals are dressed very beautifully in some mix of cosmopolite and relaxed Mediterranean style. And all of them wear a smile and a sparkle in their eyes.


Dubrovnik’s charm and uniqueness is encapsulated within its every brick, church, illumination, a glass of wine standing on the table, an ice-cream in the hands of a voyager. All this allows us to get lost in the enigmatic vibe.

At night the town isn’t busy as it is in the daytime, however you’d not call it deserted at all. Don’t be in a rush to base yourself immediately at some café. Take a walk, feel an all-time inspiration and romance.

There’s a very secluded restaurant near Large Onofrio's Fountain with its intimate terrace. People sit around wrought tables, drink vine and listen to light jazzy sounds of artists from all over the world. If you find the will to walk a bit more, then follow a narrow Od Puca street which will take you to a square called Gunduliceva Poljana. Look around you and remember this special time. You’ll feel yourself out of this century, this millennium. There are just you and the beauty of this world. Here at the square just above a local market there’s a private terrace filled with hydrangeas. If you see them blooming lushly, it will be a very unforgettable picture.


After you can follow the historic stairs up to Saint Ignatius Church which looks absolutely stunning by night. You’ll see couples or friends sitting at the entrance stairs of the cathedral, and on the other side of the small piazza there’s one more cute little restaurant with a view at the massive façade of the church.

The rest of the path should be intuitive. Just follow the narrow streets of Dubrovnik and discover some interesting scenes of how the town lives at night.

One more site to visit under the moonlight is the Lovrijenac Fortress which is one of the most favorite places of “Game of Thrones” fans for the same reason mentioned earlier. You won’t visit the fort at night, but you can look at it from the square near Pile Gate which is adorable at this time of the day and almost empty.

Nevertheless, whatever you decide to do, don’t think about anything except the present moment. Let the thoughts come back tomorrow, and right now you’re in the most romantic place on this planet surrounded by the history and incredible views.

When you decide to go back to your yacht, return to the old harbor which is by now even more peaceful. One more minute and you’re aboard your ultra-luxury choice for a charter vacation. You can either sit at the deck and enjoy some very pleasant conversations and share your thoughts about Dubrovnik by night, or unwind in your comfortable stateroom and get ready for the new day and new impressions to come in the morning.

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