Engineering wonder in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece

Greece is a true wonder. This country offers so much to the true travelers in heart, that it’s hard to count all the places there are worth of visiting, both inland and among the reaches of the sea. No wonder every year Greece attracts adventurers from the whole world and never goes out of fashion.

We all know about the cities of Greece, its fantastic islands, but there are clearly more interesting spots to see. One of them is located in the western part of the Corinthian Gulf. And it’s not a town or a church, neither museum or beautiful bay, it’s the Rion-Antirion Bridge, a wonder of engineering and construction.

Charterers or yachtsmen usually sail under this wonderful creation of men when travelling from Ionian Sea to the Aegean or vice versa.

What’s so special about it? Well, there are several facts you should know, but the most important is that this bridge could technically have never been built in this area due to the various obstacles.

The bridge which connects Rio and Antirio cities located opposite of each other on the banks of Corinthian Gulf.

It is the unique five-spanned construction that links the Peloponnese and the mainland of Greece and has the world's longest cable-stayed deck. The official name of the nearly 3km true masterpiece of engineering is Charilaos Trikoupis.

Engineers had been beating a rock with an egg while seeking the ways how to build a bridge in the gulf which was too deep and high seismicity for years. In addition to main problems which made all the plans impossible, there was one more obstacle – the Gulf of Corinth fault was constantly spreading, and the seabed soil wasn’t stiff and had no bedrock for serving a base for such an important and giant construction.

Eventually, a solution was found. It took 2 years to prepare everything, and then 5 more to build the bridge 50 meters high above the gulf surface. And here we go, in 2004 the bridge was officially open and functions properly ever since.

Since then people from both sides of the gulf save so much time of their life in order to cross the water with the bridge. Before the only chance to do so was by taking a ferry and spending about 45 minutes on cruising over. Right now driving the bridge takes about 5 minutes.

Nevertheless, it is an amazing experience to see the bridge and sail under it whether during the day or at night. Bon voyage and never stop searching for something interesting wherever you travel to.

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