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Exploring Croatia: The "Game of Thrones" Itinerary on Board "James Bond" Yacht

Exploring Croatia: The "Game of Thrones" Itinerary on Board "James Bond" Yacht

The 183-foot luxury schooner, “Regina” stole a piece of limelight from Hollywood stars, Daniel Craig and Bérénice Marlohe in the James Bond film “Skyfall”.

Croatia, a miniature Balkan state that stretches out along the Adriatic coast, attracts more and more travellers from all over the world every year. The hugely popular TV series, Game of Thrones has ensured that the destination’s popularity is on the up and up. In the same way, the number of travel bloggers extolling the beauty of the Dalmatian coast has skyrocketed, causing an influx of relaxation-hungry vacationers whose aim it is to escape a bustling city… and find peace in a quieter location; seclusion framed by a shimmering sea.

Croatia is a land of many wonders, home to over a thousand islands, incredibly detailed architecture and numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites. Here, the aroma of delicious Dalmatian cuisine wafts out to greet you and genuinely warm hospitality is extended to all. With so much to do that you would be hard-pressed to decide on a one-size-fits-all itinerary, you could easily choose to leave that up to your guides — A.K.A. your crew — and explore this miniature state by chartering a yacht. Not such a bad idea, seeing as for a week of gentle sailing among Croatia’s infinite islands and along her magnificent coastline, you need only unpack your bags once.

One of the most popular yacht charter itineraries has you boarding in Dubrovnik and sailing north to Zadar or Sibenik. There are so many places to see in between that it’s possible to get lost. and that’s where your crew can step in… and for “Thronies” one route becomes more and more popular as the Game of Thrones film crew left their footprints in many of these breathtaking spots, turning each into a little mecca for fans.


Once you decide to explore the Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia by yacht, what better choice than to do it aboard a motor-sailing beauty — she, herself a movie icon? The 183-foot luxury schooner, “Regina” stole a piece of limelight from Hollywood stars, Daniel Craig and Bérénice Marlohe in the James Bond film “Skyfall”. The filming of the passage to the villian’s island lair took place off the coast of Turkey, with “Regina” renamed “Chimera”. After the movie’s release, everyone in the industry started to name her, “the James Bond yacht”.

Super yacht “Regina” was built by Pruva Yachting in Bodrum, Turkey, with an exterior design by Ayberk Apaydin and an Aylin Örs interior. She is a fusion design, melding modern schooner with old world traditions. “Regina” was built for ultra comfort using only the finest materials. Her outstanding performance under sail, classic looks and high-quality finish made her a stand-out yacht, long before James Bond ever stepped aboard. Wherever you sail, “Regina” will get all the attention…. and you’ll be exploring Croatia in real style, setting sail from the historic port city of Dubrovnik.


Those who have watched at least one episode of world-renowned fantasy series, know the show wouldn’t be the fantasy-fueller it is without the visual effects. This of course means that some of the real life locations differ from how they appear on screen. But this definitely doesn’t mean that the locations are any less impressive. You will be surprised at how beautiful and incredibly well preserved the Croatian towns and cities are.

In the second season, Dubrovnik was the main filming location of King’s Landing. David Benioff, executive producer and a writer, once said that the Seven Kingdoms’ capital might be the most important location in the entire show, and the crew knew it had to look right. The minute the team started to walk about the walled city of Dubrovnik, they realized “the Pearl of the Adriatic” looked exactly as the book had King’s Landing described.

Dubrovnik has an amazing old town by the sea that is dramatic from the air, from the sea and from the land. Find yourself inside its medieval walls, and with those perfectly preserved walls, towers, cathedrals, streets…. an infinite canvas of terracotta roofs, and a backdrop of steep, craggy cliffs, it’s no wonder that these features served as the landmarks of Westeros.

Once you start discovering the actual filming locations in Dubrovnik — keeping in mind that they are located in three main zones: the walled city, the Lovrijenac Fortress, and the Gradac park — it is up to you how to start your walking tour.

Let’s propose starting with the scenic and stunning Lovrijenac Fortress which became the new Red Keep in King’s Landing. It is located on a high rocky cliff and is naturally so impressive. This location allowed the crew to shoot perfect exterior shots which had proven difficult in the previous location, Malta. The bay where the fort is set also served as a place to film the largest fight in the War of the Five Kings – the Battle of Blackwater Bay. After exploring these sites, you would probably be in need of refreshments and in this case, there is a nice restaurant just near the Pile Gate with an expansive terrace where you can enjoy coffee or lemonade while taking in a beautiful view of the fortress and the bay. Ask for a table closer to the edge so that you have a “front row seat”.

Once you start discovering the actual filming locations in Dubrovnik — keeping in mind that they are located in three main zones: the walled city, the Lovrijenac Fortress, and the Gradac park — it is up to you how to start your walking tour.


Entering the Pile Gate, the magic begins with a journey back to the medieval ages. The incredible architecture will pull you right in and the sounds of traditional Dalmatian music played by street artists will keep you there. You can either begin wandering the streets of the town or go up upon the fortified walls and do a circuit. This option will allow you to enjoy infinite panoramic views from every possible angle and acquaint yourself Dubrovnik in there fastest way.

If you choose the wall tour first, you’ll find yourself near the massive Minceta Tower which rises above the city walls of Dubrovnik. It played a role in the haunting and mystery-filled TV series, “House of Undying”. The way the tower is presented in the book differs from how it actually looked in the TV series, but events happening inside the haunting spot where the elite warlocks of Qarth resided, are the same in both versions. You can actually go inside of the Minceta Tower — a 700-year-old structure which served to protect the city — that is one of the most recognizable symbols of the town. Even though you wouldn’t face there the Undying Warlocks, you’ll still be very much impressed with the unforgettable view and appreciate just how unconquerable this city was.

After spending about an hour and a half walking the tops of the walls, you’ll finally be ready to explore the inner part of the city. It looks very large from above, but it’s quite cosy and small when you’re on the ground. Make sure to visit the Jesuit Staircase, the St. Dominic Street, the Ethnographic Museum of Rupe, the Ploce Gate, and the Rector’s Palace as they all appeared in the Game of Thrones.


The walled city and Lovrijenac Fortress usually get all credit from tourists and the Game of Thrones fans, but Gradac park is also worthy of a visit. Not only this is a place of genuine peace and meditation filled with beautiful Mediterranean pines, it allows fabulous views of the blue of the Adriatic and the Lovrijenac Fortress. In the series, Gradac park appears as a place where the Purple Wedding reception took place, a very significant event in the fourth season. It is during that Royal Wedding Carnival that King Joffrey was poisoned.

By the way, Game of Thrones isn’t the only fantasy which was filmed in Dubrovnik. Last year the old town hosted the crew of Lucasfilm and Rian Johnson who shot scenes for Star Wars Episode VIII. At the beginning of this year “the Pearl of the Adriatic” also welcomed the production team of “Robin Hood: Origins”. May the force be with Dubrovnik. Who knows, maybe this year you’ll also witness some of the filming process too!

Now that you’ve seen Dubrovnik, you’ll understand that why the crew of the TV series simply fell in love with this place and whole of Croatia, too. It is time to move on with your journey in this magnificent country. By the time you go back to the yacht, it could well be evening already. And this can only mean one thing: it’s time for an outstanding culinary experience aboard the luxurious “Regina”. We’re sure the chef has prepared a spread of delicious and extravagant meals for pure gourmet pleasure.

You will have several options as to where to dine: the aft deck offers a comfortable table for 12 persons. This area is completely shaded by an awning making it a wonderful place to dine by day. If you wish to have dinner under the star, the forward deck features an open air dining area. Overnight, you’ll likely stay in a quiet bay or at anchor near the old town of Dubrovnik. The latter alternative would probably be the better one, as in the morning you can visit one more filming location ashore on the island of Lokrum.


Spending nights aboard “Regina” will be a very relaxing and sophisticated experience. The yacht provides elegant and luxurious accommodation for up to 12 guests in 6 spacious cabins. Every detail has been considered to ensure the highest level of comfort. The master cabin is located aft and occupies the width of the beam. It features a king-size bed, a walk-in wardrobe and a private study. The master stateroom’s ensuite has instant appeal, finished in marble and onyx. In the bow of the yacht there is a second master cabin with similar design and smaller dimensions. The remaining four cabins, three doubles and one twin are equally as well laid out with naturally decorative stone and timber creating a restful atmosphere. Every time you enter your cabin, you’ll be entering a quiet haven of peace and tranquility.

Even though you will likely spend most of your time aboard “Regina” on her expansive decks, the main saloon will also serve as a place for rest. Its formal dining area, deluxe sofas and extravagant white grand piano are an attractive backdrop for a special occasion.

Arriving at Lokrum, this little oasis served as the setting for Qarth, "the Greatest City that Ever Was or Will Be". One of the major scenes to have been shot here is the welcoming party of Daenerys by Xaro Xhoan Daxos. Lokrum has an interesting story in that it is believed that the island was cursed by the monks of the Benedictine Monastery, built in the 13th century. The monks were forced to leave the island centuries ago and before doing so, they put a spell on the island so no one would ever be in possession of Lokrum. Despite that, this uninhabited place exists as a peaceful sanctuary in which to enjoy a walk, swim in the sea, and observe the resident peacocks and rabbits.

Exploring places of local beauty where the TV show was filmed will allow for plenty of opportunities to sail. Savour the ambience and the comfort and enjoy the calm sensation that comes with drifting along under sail… and it only takes an instant to sail into your next Game of Thrones location: about 20 kilometers north of Dubrovnik, there is a tiny site of beauty located in the village of Trsteno. This, the Trsteno Arboretum, is one of the oldest and most beautiful in the whole region. “Regina” and her crew will humbly await your return while you walk through the King’s Landing’s gardens. Yes, the scenes where major characters shared their secrets and plotted their next move, surrounded by lush and green, were filmed here. It’s a true Dalmatian Gothic-Renaissance summer residence complete with greenery, mill, aqueduct, Neptune’s fountain, pavilion and centuries-old oriental plane trees.


Leaving the arboretum behind, ask your crew to transform the forward deck into lounge area so as to prolong the experience. If you’re in the mood, try out one or more of the water sports activities on offer. “Regina” has plenty of equipment on board, including a jet-ski for three and a canoe. The coastline is so attractive, that canoeing is high on everyone’s list of fun things to do, and quite definitely a quieter activity. Afterwards, read, relax and sunbathe without having to rush anywhere… let your crew of seven show you an impeccable hospitality.

In the evening, spend some time on the forward deck appreciating a fitting end to a perfect day spent with loved ones in one of the most spectacular places on Earth.

A new day aboard “Regina” means a new and wonderful adventure. Heading north of Dubrovnik, you will visit more wonderful islands and, eventually, Split. En route, discover the small town of Ston. “The Great Wall” of Europe is the major attraction here. We’re talking about a very long defensive wall dating back to the 13th – 14th centuries. It is the second longest fortified wall in the world. Many travellers from China come to Ston especially to take scenic selfies at this site. The filming of King’s Landing also took place here, and the wall appeared in the series starting from Season 2. It is nice to take a walk above the site and draw in the history of this place. But Ston is also known for its salt ponds. The production of salt has been ongoing in this small town for more than two thousand years. The salt works of Ston are some of the oldest still in operation in Europe… and you definitely wouldn’t want to miss some of freshest shellfish available anywhere: Ston has oyster farms galore.

After Ston, there are no more Game of Thrones filming spots see until Split. It is up to you whether you want to sail there directly, and stop off at the islands of Mljet, Korcula, Brac, and Hvar. But they cannot be missed: they are just too beautiful. There’s good reason why these islands are considered some of Croatia’s most famous locations: the beautiful waters which lap these shores must be seen to be believed. We should mention that the Adriatic Sea is as hospitable as Croatia and her people. Its waters gently wash its shores and while most of the time, the Adriatic is well behaved, calm and cosy, we do have a single warning for you: the sea's colors may captivate you entirely! Here you’ll see every possible hues of turquoise and emerald. The's Adriatic ever-changing colours are addictive… they have a very peaceful, relaxing effect.

Since we’re here to explore the Games of Thrones route, let’s move on to the ancient city of Split: it has a totally different vibe from what you’ve experienced so far in Croatia, because of its size, history, and culture.


The Game of Thrones crew left their footprints in none other than in the most famous place in the city, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Diocletian Palace. It is a superb palace complex which was built in honour of the Roman emperor, Diocletian. It came into being at the turn of the 4th century A.D. and you’ll be very impressed by how well it looks despite the turbulent history of the region. The palace is truly one of the best preserved architecture sites of the Roman world. Filming of some episodes from season 4, 5 and 6 took part here, mostly in the catacombs of the palace, where Daenarys had her throne room. It is here in the underground tunnels where she trained her dragons.

It takes about 20 minutes of travel time from Split to reach one more stunning Game of Throne location. It is, as yet, not overly popular as a tourist attraction — probably due to its remote location, however,this is a big plus if you’re not into crowded places. Located on the top of the mountain with a panoramic view across the entire valley, the islands, and Split itself, you’ll find yourself standing among the ruins of Klis fortress with a history spanning 2000 years. To be honest, the fort is too well preserved to be called a “ruin". It appeared in the TV series as the city of Meereen during Season 4. This spectacular place was chosen for the filming of scenes in which Daenerys was to seize the city and free slaves. The fortress of Klis is one of the few forts you can actually walk around freely — almost without restriction. The only thing you should keep in mind, for the sake of your safety is that the steps can be slippery and you would definitely not want to slip here!

North of Split there are two more filming locations awaiting discovery: the first of which is in the city of Šibenik, already famous for its medieval cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city appeared on our screens in the fifth season and was the perfect choice for one of Westeros’s Free Cities – Braavos. Shooting took place at the Square of the Republic of Croatia, surrounded by the magnificent Cathedral of St. James, one of the most beautiful examples of Gothic and Renaissance architecture styles. Here you’ll discover the TV series’ famous “House of Black and White”. Wandering around “Braavos” will certainly make you feel as if you are part of a game:discovering and discovering more as you go. Thus in such game you can’t lose as you’re greeted with beauty around every corner. There are many places to see in Šibenik besides the GoF locations. Some of them include four of the city’s fortresses which watch over the city. Another one is hidden from view and really needs some dedicated effort to discover: this is the Medieval Mediterranean Garden of St. Lawrence Monastery. It takes just five minutes’ walking and a few sets of stairs from St. James Cathedral to get there, but it is absolutely amazing. We recommend you have some of their local ice-cream and just sit for a while in the quiet, meditative atmosphere.


Last but not the least, the attractive Krka National Park is a GoT Location which is well worth a visit in its own right. First you’ll go with your yacht to the cute little town, Skradin, where you’ll take a small local boat to follow a river accessing the park. Make sure you bring along your swimsuits as it’s so rewarding to swim in these refreshing river waters… lush emerald in color. And yes, you will be surrounded by sounds of infinite cascading water. This is what the Krka National Park is is all about and so it made for some of the landscapes of the Seven Kingdoms which appeared in the fourth season. While you are here, take a boat trip to Visovac island and visit a beautiful Franciscan monastery. It takes about 35 minutes to get there: a tiny island that five centuries ago looked like a rock until it was transformed by the monks into a true haven of peace.

Krka National Park is the last filming location in this area. Even though your luxury charter would probably conclude somewhere nearby, such as the port of Zadar, it’s only a pause to take stock and reflect: you now have a treasure chest full of beautiful memories from the Adriatic, having sailed aboard one of the most beautiful and elegant sailing yachts ever built. There remains the invitation to join “Regina” in another part of the world and explore other treasures, for when the summer season in Europe is over, Regina crosses the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean. And she does so every year.

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