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Luxury Yacht Charter … By Choice

Luxury Yacht Charter … By Choice

Providing you know how much you want to spend, you need only ask us what we have on offer… the results may come as a very pleasant surprise.

Luxury yacht charter was at one time the domain of the wealthy, and to some extent, still is … although more and more people are discovering that a carefree vacation on the water is, in fact, well within their reach… thanks to an explosion in the number of private yachts now offered for charter.

Luxury yacht charter gains plenty of media coverage through tabloid pictures of the rich and famous sunning on deck in their swimwear or heading down the passerella in their broad-brimmed sunhats. Those captured by the paparazzi are spotted on the French Riviera aboard well-known megayachts, chartered out at well over EUR300,000 per week. But mainstream media is now reporting about other versions of luxury yacht charter… seeking out the little-known destinations that are often overlooked by the jet set… and the smaller yachts that suit that environment completely, albeit on offer with only a few crew who, nonetheless, have all the knowledge and expertise that would make for a top vacation experience.


Yes - we are talking about luxury yacht charter for singles, for groups of friends and for young families… remembering that luxury means different things to different people. For a mother of two who runs her own kitchen at home, not having to cook for an entire week is an absolute luxury. For her partner, having a crew member to take his sons fishing while he reads in the cockpit’s shady depths, is a luxury. Likewise, for a group of sailing club friends, having a wide, comfortable berth and a cabin with private en suite all to yourself is a luxury worth mentioning. For those who have only ever motored around a coast in a small launch, the experience of taking the helm of a 112-foot ketch under the watchful eye of her captain may be a memory that stays with them long after that day’s winds have died down… and the yacht's diesel engines have started up… and the only thing left to do is sip a sundowner while the captain sets a course to the next overnight anchorage.

The aim of the exercise is the same, regardless of whether you spent EUR15,000 or EUR150,000 on your luxury vacation: it's relaxation, it’s cuisine... ….it’s moving over the sea … it's soaking up the sun …it’s swimming… it’s shopping for souvenirs ashore… it’s sitting out under the stars and just whiling away the hours to the sound of your favourite music. Of course, if you are into champagne, caviar and lobster… and want to party every night ashore on Mykonos, you’d better be prepared.


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