Neighbors of contrast

Greece and Turkey - luxury and beautiful yacht charter destinations for perfect summer holiday in Eastern Mediterranean

Wherever you travel for the first time, you’re eager to see as much as you can. So that when you come back home, you have more memories and stories to share with the others or to remember later when you so need that in a daily routine.

Usually travelers decide to charter a yacht for several days, a week or even two. When it’s a short trip, it’s possible to discover one-two locations and have a relaxing time in some nice quiet bays. When there’s a week or two, it’s a totally different story, especially if you decide to charter a yacht in one of the best cruising areas of the Eastern Mediterranean – south-east of the Aegean. In that case, you have a chance to visit not only Greek islands, but to witness something very special - famous turquoise coast of Turkey, which is a neighbor of Dodecanese islands.

Greece and Turkey - luxury and beautiful yacht charter destinations for perfect summer holiday in Eastern Mediterranean

Indeed, one of the most popular yacht charter itineraries comprises a visit to Rhodes, Symi, Kos, Tilos, which are beautiful Greek islands and Turkish Bodrum, Datça, Gökova, Bozburun, Marmaris, Göcek. This is the route, which allows you to see two different worlds even though the coasts of both countries have a history together, some cultural and food similarities, yet they are different. Such yacht charter itinerary will leave you in awe because you'll have much more stories to share and much more memories to have with you.

Most of the charters start from Rhodes as the island has an international airport, which is easy to access from many European cities, especially in summer. Here at Rhodes, you’ll board a sailing yacht, traditional wooden Turkish gulet, a powerful super yacht or a catamaran, whatever you choose for your holiday. Then it’s up to you, which route to follow, what islands and towns to visit. There’s only one definite aspect – you’ll enjoy 100%, as you’re in the area where it’s always sunny in summer, quiet and nice.

Disembarkation can also take place at Rhodes, if you wish. Another option would be Bodrum, which also features an international airport, or you could take a ferry to any other Greek island, for example, Santorini, if you have booked a stay there in some hotel. A variety of scenarios is infinite in this area.

It is no wonder why travelers choose this particular area to sail. One of the reasons is that you have a chance to follow the steps of legendary sailors of the past, like Odysseus, for instance, and millions of others. Thanks to their adventures we know that it’s a real pleasure to rediscover these lands, sailing from one isle to another, where waters get more blues and are more clear, where cypress trees are higher and olive groves – greener, where fish is more delicious and salads are fresher. You have it all to experience non-stop romance with the nature and your loved ones: lonely waterfront villages and towns, hills and mountains, cliffs and rugged coastlines. It’s magical to find yourself surrounded with decorations which have been attracting adventurous souls for thousands of years, and will do so.

On your personal journey in beautiful Greece and biblical and pastoral Turkey, where the East meets West, you will feel that fine contrast in the architecture, where church bells will be giving way to minarets, cute little white-washed towns of Greece will contrast with ottoman villages of Turkish coast, where local women will be wearing pantaloons and head scarfs while collecting harvest of figs, olives, and oranges, or baking traditional delight gözleme in front of you, which is a must to taste. You’ll discover some very quiet and secluded bays in both countries, listen to goat bells and a melody of cicadas, visit some of the most famous parties in ever-alive Bodrum where the most famous DJ’s, artists, and geniuses of class music perform in summer.

These are just few highlights which are expecting you in the cruising are which is a true yachtsmen’ dream.

You can always contact our office for more advice, which yacht to choose and rent, what destinations to follow, and to get answers for any questions you have before you start one of the most memorable journeys of your life.


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