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Thank you to the Gulf of Gokova…

Thank you to the Gulf of Gokova…


Quiet. Lots of it. Bliss. No bright lights. No live bands. No glitzy boutiques. Not a high heel in sight. I am on the south-west coast of Asia Minor.

I see nothing but blue. I have unlimited sky views and sea beneath me. I turn and I see shoreline and pine trees tickling the sky. They are radiating a peaceful green, in complete harmony with my need for quiet while wrapped in joy…. suspended in this turquoise sea. Haven’t a clue how long I’ve been in the sea…. But I’m keenly aware of how long I haven’t been in the sea. I need that feeling of salt water on my skin.. the cool… fresh…. salty….


In returning to that… and feeling a happy, tingling sensation…. my work-weary head remembers past reflections of sea and sky and the memories rush in and flood my mind… and I am given a holiday from all that “relatively unimportant, and yet totally necessary stuff” and am able to re-set.

I am at one with nature. I am at peace. Just give me a quiet, blue sea…. and a breath of pine-fragranced air… and I will return to my natural state… where I can start to create. I can remember that I have always radiated an optimism… and that everything is OK as I look forward.

Thank you to the Gulf of Gokova… you’ve given me a chance to breathe! I'm floating free, yet ever-connected to Mother Earth… and realising the value of complete, undisturbed silence.

You joining me?


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