The Adriatic

The Adriatic


Adriatic is base ro may luxury charter yachts in Croatia.

The Adriatic is the part of Mediterranean Sea and it’s very much like a lake, in that it gently laps the shore — there are no huge waves charging ashore to pull sand from beaches or stir up the seafloor… and what waves there are arrive - for the most part - in a very sedate fashion, just to affect that gentle washing sound of water on pebbles — the very sound you likely have on your list of favourites! It is because the sea here behaves in such a way as to remain calm during the summer that the area is fortunate to boast a palate of some of the world’s most eye-catchingly restful colours!

During our trips around the Croatian coastline — and we have been three times now — we have been fortunate enough to have been able to cruise aboard a luxury yacht — an experience which has, in turn, afforded us an opportunity to bear witness to the ever-changing hues of the Adriatic. These colours change according to the depth of the water, the type of sea floor and the colour of the sky... shades of blue and green which seem to soothe the soul.

We have seen that beautiful tone that one might refer to as “emerald”, which is actually the tone of the water when it is very clear and yet has a greenish tint… as opposed to turquoise, which is more blue than it is green. We’ve seen dark blue waters, of course…. and we've seen aqua blue, aqua blue indicating that the sea floor has the palest of pebbles. I can say that we’ve seen every colour in between and so must conclude that the colour of the Adriatic depends on where you are in the area — whether there is moss on the sea bed or whether it is just white pebbles.

Those lucky enough to charter a luxury yacht and take a week’s leisurely cruise around the coast will enjoy every shade under the sun… and may even come up with their own name for the colours of the water. There must be a million shades of Adriatic Blue!


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