The "Hidden" Canyon of Saklıkent National Park in Turkey

If you’re choosing to sail a yacht along Turquoise coast of Turkey which stretches from the west part of the country to the very South, it is either because you already know how gorgeous the coastline is, how captivating its crystal-clear waters, how rich the virgin nature is and how many authentic little towns and vibrant cities it features, and of course how many historical sites and ancient remains you are welcome to visit. Another reason you’ve decided to charter a yacht and to follow this route is because someone has presented to you how unique this experience can be, filled also with delicious Ottoman cuisine and the very best of Turkish hospitality.

However, did you know that while chartering a luxury motor yacht or a traditional wooden gulet you are more than welcome to visit not only places located on the seashore, but to go a little bit inland? It would be fair to say that Turkey has something to impress with in terms of nature wonders wherever you go.

Just about an hour-ride off Fethiye or Kas, both super popular yacht charter destinations, there’s a National Park called Saklıkent. It won’t be any difficulty to reach this amazing and truly unique place by having your crew order a car transfer.

Saklıkent (literally means “hidden”) wonder is one of those place which is worth of seeing once rather than reading or listening about it for ten times. Yet, let’s find out why you should dedicate your time to it.

The reason you’d visit the national park is for the canyon which is located on the slopes of Akdağ Mountain. Tourists have an opportunity to walk inside of it. The path is quite long and is not for everybody, but it gives a true euphoria-like feeling of an adventure. As it is not an easy road, as it’s quite narrow, and you have a tiny stream of ice-cold Karaçay river flowing under your feet, so it does get slippery at some point. Yet many travelers come here in families and explore the nature.

When you enter the canyon, you pass a small walkway which leads to a beautiful open space area where people can have a sit, drink cup of tea and watch the fast river rushing from the rocks. In order to go deeper inside the canyon one must cross a river, which can be a challenge.

If you feel you should not better step in the cold water which is about knee-deep, then you can relax here in the lounging zone. If you are able to perform the adventurous crossing, then make sure you don’t have anything valuable with you as things may or most probably will get wet. It’s better to hide your phone and camera inside a plastic bag.

Once you've crossed the tricky part of the river, you're even deeper inside the canyon, and from no on it is up to you how far you decide to go.

Nevertheless, keep in mind the safety, and the exploration of the “hidden” wonder will be a wonderful experience.

The gorge of Saklıkent was turned into national park more than twenty years ago. It includes not only the canyon itself, but the surrounding areas covered with lush flora all year long.

When it gets very hot in summer near the coastline, here in the canyon the air is always fresh and cool, and you’ll find it very nice to have a trip to cool off a bit.

In order to stay safe, you should be wearing rubber shoes to walk the stones polished with the water. However, it is also possible to rent such shoes in the park.

When you’re done exploring the canyon, get a spot in the shade of an authentic restaurant or café in the cool and refreshing breeze one the platform built over the river which flows by. If the hunger caught you after walking among sky-high slopes, a freshly cooked lunch is an option. Local specialties are fish or beef from near-by farms or plenty of vegetarian dishes cooked from locally cultivated vegetables.

Read more about Saklıkent National Park, and if you’re an adventurous explorer, then this place may become one of the highlights of your wonderful yacht vacation.

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