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Top alternative yacht charter destinations such as French Polynesia, Norway, West Africa

Top alternative yacht charter destinations such as French Polynesia, Norway, West Africa

It is perfect for those who seek new adventures away from the crowds, privacy and intimacy of a voyage, and of course, new and indescribable impressions that will be transformed into lifetime memories.
Alternative yacht charter destination

Yacht charter destinations for a unique and rejuvenating vacation

The beauty of charting a yacht in the alternative destination such French Polynesia, Norway, West Africa, is that these places are isolated from the world and offer some of the most beautiful natural landscapes untouched by people. It is perfect for those who seek new adventures away from the crowds, privacy and intimacy of a voyage, and of course, new and indescribable impressions that will be transformed into lifetime memories.

One more undoubtful advantage of a yacht charter in such cruising grounds is that it gives a chance to visit the places that are inaccessible by road.

Please, enjoy our overview of the yachting destinations that are about exclusivity and appreciation.

Yacht charter on a luxury boat

Luxury Yacht Charters in Alaska

The beauty of Alaska attracts travellers who have a need to re-connect with nature and spend some time alone. It is also an amazing opportunity for family bonding. Imagine standing at the deck of a yacht together with kids and watching the mountains, waterfalls, as well as bears, humpback whales from a close but safe distance, staring at massive icebergs floating by as you slowly cruise through the glacial passages.

Alaska is a year-round yachting destination. In winter months you’d need to hire an expedition boat capable to go through the ice, and in summer it is possible to enjoy a good sailing experience while surrounded with the nature that’s just awaken.

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Tracy Arm, Chichagof Island, Juneau, Red Bluff Bay, Skagway, Admiralty and other places of Southeast Alaska promise a unique charter experience through fjords, isolated bays, channels and straits. The southern part of this American state is rich with various national parks that you may visit before or after a yacht charter experience in Alaska.

  • Lake Clark National Park and Preserve
  • Katmai National Park and Preserve
  • Chugach National Forest

For the best Alaska yacht charter experience and a tailor-made itinerary, please contact one of Contact Yachts’ preferred charter brokers. There are boats available for any budget and need. And we’ll make sure to find the right yacht for you.

Alaska yacht charter

Luxury Yacht Charters in Greenland

Hiring a yacht to explore the magic terrains of Greenland is like starting a life all over, from the blank page. Its one and only landscape, modest palette of colours, its severe but captivating weather gently force you to take a break from everything that’s been going on in your life and just appreciate the moment and its serenity.

The raw nature of Greenland makes it one of the most untouched destinations in the world. Some of the places on the largest island in the world are accessible only by boat. This means there’s truly no better and no other way to discover it than by chartering a yacht in Greenland.

The island is mostly covered with snow and ice, yet you will be pleasantly surprised to see rare but charming green meadows, appreciating the contrast of natural features.

Unique experience awaiting for you when chartering a yacht in Greenland

  • Breath the arctic air;
  • Discover the rich wildlife including seals, large mammal, whales, narwhales;
  • Visit the capital city of Nuuk and local villages, meet the people and discover their unique lifestyle;
  • Watch famous galleries of icebergs in Uummannaq and Ilulissat;
  • Discover the fjords and enjoy the silence of the world around you;
  • Try a dog sleigh expedition or heli-skiing;
  • Kayaking among the glaciers;
  • Diving to see the shipwrecks and discover another world;
  • Catch the performance of northern lights in the sky.

To rent a boat in Greenland and discover this wonderful alternative yachting destination, please inquire.

Greenland yacht hire
Greenland yacht hire

New Zealand yacht charter adventure

A yacht charter in New Zealand is something extraordinary. It is not about enjoying turquoise waters of Bora Bora, or partying at Mykonos, sailing from Dubrovnik to Korcula island, or dropping the anchor in front of luxurious French Riviera. It’s about being in one of the world’s remote destinations and discovering a totally different cultural heritage, history, landscape, art, outstanding wine & dine, and much more.

New Zealand is formed by two main islands - the North Island, and the South Island. Most charters usually commence from Auckland, on the North Island. What comes next it’s up to charterers’ preferences. You can visit Waiheke Island to discover its beautiful beaches and great vineyards. Just across there’s the Coromandel Peninsula. This heaven on Earth impressed travellers with its nature comprising of waterfalls, springs, canyons. There are abandoned gold mines to be seen and luxury thermal resorts to be enjoyed.

During your New Zealand yacht charter adventure visit Goat Island often referred to as a grand aquarium as it’s a marine reserve. The diving enthusiast will appreciate the vast variety of the underwater world.

The great Barrier island is for those who love activities such as fishing, diving, hiking, swimming with horses, biking, discovering volcanic terrain. If you trust Jacque-Yves Cousteau’s recommendations for diving, stop by the Poor Knights Marine Reserve.

Cape Reinga, the northern end of New Zealand, offers breathtaking views. It is real faraway heaven where you can appreciate the remoteness of this place and enjoy the silence within.

Please inquire to find the best yacht for an NZ sailing adventure.

New Zealand wine during a yacht charter
New Zealand yacht charter holiday

Africa Yacht Charter Experience

Chartering a yacht in one of the African countries means going on a real odyssey, following the steps of ancient marine discoverers, living one of those adventurous tales you read as a child. Africa is a wild, absolutely beautiful, and undiscovered yachting destination.

It may be not very popular to hire a yacht in Africa, but it surely will become soon. This alternative destination offers so much that it’s hard to describe in words: amazing fishing experience as well as Sport Fishing Charters, scuba diving, a combination of sailing and going on a safari trip to numerous national parks, witnessing dramatic coastline, discovering colourful local cultures, visiting the wine yards, appreciating local art and incredible hospitality, dining, hiking.

The list of places where it is possible to charter a yacht in Africa includes South Africa, Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar, Cape Verde, Mozambique. And let’s not forget about the islands in the Indian Ocean, off the African coast, such as the Maldives, Seychelles and the islands of Mauritius.

Do you wish to learn more about chartering a yacht in Africa or hiring a boat in the Maldives or Seychelles? Please send us an email and Contact Yachts charter brokers will assist you in the most professional way.

Greenland yacht hire
Greenland yacht hire
Africa yacht charter
chartering a yacht in africa

A yacht charter in French Polynesia

French Polynesia is the synonym of exotic, romantic, and relaxing destination. The lost paradise where there are more trees than people is found in the South Pacific Ocean. There are more than a hundred islands to visit. Endlessly beautiful and Edenic Bora Bora, Tahiti, Moorea and other famous islands of this sunny heaven attract those who are in love with life and wish to celebrate their romance. Lush colours of the sea, mountain peaks, rich marine life, coral gardens, and calm lagoons are here for people to feel blessed.

Chartering a yacht in French Polynesia is something that would fit 100% for couples, honeymooners, and families with kids.

As an alternative yachting destination, French Polynesia hosts much fewer travellers than other places due to its remoteness. However, It’s a huge advantage if this is exactly what you’re looking for - a peaceful, not crowded place to stay for a while, bond with nature and enjoy the calmness.

The main activities for those visiting French Polynesia are to enjoy the island-hopping journey and slow-living travel mood. Things to do include snorkelling, diving, swimming in emerald waters with friendly sharks, sunbathing on golden-sand beaches, windsurfing, hiking, tasting super delicious local food, meeting people who live on the islands, learning their culture, wandering though vanilla plantations and taking photos of exotic flowers, staring at volcanic peaks, sailing in world’s one of the most beautiful summer destinations.

To rent a catamaran in French Polynesia or hire a motor yacht, a sailing boat, please contact one of our professional brokers.

rent a yacht in French Polynesia

The Caribbean yacht charter holiday

You can’t really say that chartering a yacht in the Caribbean islands is part of an alternative yachting destination experience. This is the region where the yacht charter industry was actually born and started to grow big. However, due to the fact that it’s a far far destination for the Europeans, Australians, and the residents of the Asian region, it can be considered as one.

The Caribbean region comprises many island groups. These are the main where it is possible to hire a yacht for a picture-perfect vacation. They are the Virgin Islands, Leeward Islands, Windward Islands, Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos Islands, Barbados, Greater Antilles.

Caribbean yacht charter offers real diversity in the cultures, nature, traditions, atmosphere. It is one of the world's largest charter areas. A yacht journey here is about doing, seeing, feeling, tasting, and relaxing, of course. Besides classic activities that we appreciate as travellers - walking on exotic tropical sand beaches, tasting delicious cocktails, diving among the coral reefs, enjoying colourful parties, and exploring unique local culture, consider to watch famous carnivals, feed pigs in the sea, discover shipwrecks in crystal clear waters, swim with friendly sharks.

In some of the alternative destinations, yacht charter rates are quite high due to the lack of supply. The Caribbean yachts offer a totally different story. Yachts that are available for rent in the Caribbean differ in the price range. There are charter boats for any budget. It is truly one of the best destinations to find yourself in winter months, and to make a booking, simply send us an inquiry, and we'll make sure you have a wide selection of yachts available in this charming destination.

To rent a yacht for a week in the Caribbean, please contact our charter brokers for the great assistance.

Greenland yacht hire
Greenland yacht hire
Africa yacht charter
chartering a yacht in africa
Caribbean yacht charter
yacht charter in the Caribbean

Norway yacht charter bliss

Hiring a yacht in Norway is not something that usually comes on your mind if you’re into yachting holidays. One of the first choices of where to charter a crewed boat would be the Mediterranean, Caribbean or even South-East Asia. However, if you have a strong need for a real adventure and some absolutely new experiences, Norway will be definitely on your list of priorities. Plus, this country welcomes travellers all year round.

This Scandinavian heaven is famous for its jaw-dropping nature, mesmerizing fjords, lush meadows, picturesque little villages and coastal towns. That’s why the interest among charterers for Norway yacht cruises grows every year.

Top activities when chartering a yacht in Norway

  • Discovering the Viking culture and its heritage
  • Watching the Northern lights from the deck of your yacht
  • Enjoy the flavours of Nordic cuisine that’s one of a kind (smoked or salted lamb cooked over birch sticks, sautéed reindeer stew, pickled herring with green onion and black bread, fermented fillets of freshwater trout, fish soup from Bergen, svele pancakes, and much more)
  • Watching blue whales, humpbacks, porpoises, orcas, and other local sea inhabitants from a close distance while being on a yacht
  • Get closer to the North Pole by visiting Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago, and experiencing the midnight sun phenomenon, watching the glaciers, polar bears, reindeers in the frozen tundra, skiing
  • Enjoy the outdoors activities as much as possible, visit national parks, snow-capped mountains, secluded bays, waterfalls - in this way you’ll be like true Norwegian who believe that the power of nature helps to find inner peace and happiness, rejuvenate and free yourself from the stress of the daily life routine.

Hiring a yacht in Norway is just one message away from you. Please, inquire for a yacht selection in this Scandinavian adventurous paradise.

Norway yacht charter
Norway yacht charter holiday


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