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Top places to visit in the south-western part of Turkey with a yacht and why

Top places to visit in the south-western part of Turkey with a yacht and why

Between Marmaris and Antalya there are too many marvelous spots, which captivated people back from ancient times. Byzantine, Lycia, Lidya, these are just few “worlds” who are all part of the local heritage.

It’s the end of September, and the weather is fantastic in Marmaris. In a home base port for many sailing, motor yachts, and gulets sun is shining, and the days are filled with light breeze making it a pleasant ambient for those who don’t favor sever heat. The fall weather eventually will arrive here too, but there’s still a month to go until the “season” ends and chartering a yacht will be possible starting from next April or May.

Many yachts have already returned to their homeport, so has done “CLEAR EYES” – super powerful sailing yacht of 43 meters length. She’s had an amazing charter season cruising in Italy, Greece, France, Turkey, Croatia. However, it is still not the time for her to rest. “CLEAR EYES” is getting ready for a trip to Antalya where she’s sailing beginning of October to spend some time there with guests onboard.


We’ve decided to take advantage of the occasion and remember what’s there to see for travelers who decide to charter a yacht in the south-western part of Turkey.

It is a well-known fact that the coastline of Turkey starting from Bodrum Peninsula and heading towards Antalya is one of the most beautiful and interesting in the world. Not only there are some extremely beautiful bays, islands, inlets, but the history, culture, traditions. The mix of those three make this land special and so attractive for those who want to see a vibrant mixture of two worlds: the East and the West.

Between Marmaris and Antalya there are too many marvelous spots, which captivated people back from ancient times. Byzantine, Lycia, Lidya, these are just few “worlds” who are all part of the local heritage.


Let’s start with the first stop on the way to Antalya – the ancient city of Caunos, which lays in the delta of Dalyan River. Here guests are invited to take an excursion by riverboat and travel to ancient lands of Caria and Lycia to see famous tombs carved in the cliff.

Next is Göcek, located at the top of the Skopea Limani. It’s one of the most popular cruising areas in Turkey. Göcek used to be a small village by the sea inhabited with fishermen and farmers. Right now it’s a popular port town with a cute alley of shops, restaurant, cafes, and luxury properties. Göcek is often visited by mega yachts, some even spend winter here. The area is a home to twelve islands, secluded and quiet bays, picturesque anchorage, pine forests, ancient ruins and summer songs of cicada.

Ruin Bay, Manastir Bay, Ancient Lydae and Krya, are just few places of interest before heading to the next popular port of call, Fethiye. On the way to this vibrant city the coastline offers partially submerged ruins of what is believed to be Cleopatra’s bathhouse, or perhaps a Byzantine monastery, fortification walls of ancient Lydae, plenty of hiking trails, ruins of Christian churches, turquoise and emerald waters, perfect for snorkeling and small authentic villages to explore.


Fethiye is a jewel blessed with stunning landscape, historical treasures and fine dining restaurants. It would take at least a week to explore the Gulf of Fethiye with all its marvels: ancient ruins, Greek ghost town, hiking trails, canyons, turbulent rivers, horse-riding spots, and much more.

Right after Fethiye there is a famous lagoon called Ölüdeniz, which means “Dead Sea” in Turkish. Though it is very much alive. The beach, washed with turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, is one of the most photographed in the whole area. Next to it there is “Father Mountain” – world-famous place for paragliding.


Before reaching Kaş, one of the most romantic towns in the Mediterranean, you sail by Kaputas beach, Valley of Butterflies, and famous Gemiler island. The last one is covered mostly with forests and ruins of ancient civilizations. Next to the island there is a “pirate ship parking” lying submerged in the shallows. It is also believed that Gemiler island is the place where Saint Nicholas is thought to have been laid to rest in a tomb in one of the local churches until frequent raids by Arabs forced the Byzantines to flee, taking the tomb with them.


Kaş is something truly special. It is a small vibrant town backed with rugged mountains. It is a home to jazz concerts, art performances and festivals, as well cultured exhibitions, not speaking about authentic restaurants and shops.

Right after Kaş there is a bay with sunk ancient city Kekova, Demre, where Saint Nicholas served as bishop, and ancient city of Myra. However, these are just highlights of the coastline.

Finally, Antalya. Gorgeous coastline with a long sand beach and steep mountains, amazing and beautiful old town with a picturesque harbor, numerous historical sites, friendliest people, and delicious food. Antalya is famous for its weather. Beautiful summer days last here at least until the end of October, and even the beginning of November. It is indeed the best time to come here after September to enjoy the stay.

For those who like history, traveling off the beaten tracks and enjoying the outstanding hospitality will love a visit to these destinations – places, which always played an important role in ancient times during establishment of trade routes between Africa, Minor Asia, and the Mediterranean! And you have all the chances to embrace the feeling of those times.


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