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Travel inspiration: Croatia and the Central Adriatic nautical bliss

Travel inspiration: Croatia and the Central Adriatic nautical bliss

Which places in Croatia are the yacht charter centers with breathtaking architecture and history?

Central Adriatic is an ideal yacht charter cruising ground in sense that it offers very different moods. Here you can be surrounded by partying vibe, which represents Hvar town on the island of the same name, with luxury yachts dropping their anchor and ferries bringing and taking away travelers several times a day. In the meantime, just around the corner there’s a quiet and peaceful Stari Grad that looks like a museum with its well-preserved medieval houses and churches, where you’re welcome to have a leisurely walk.

In the morning, you’re in always busy Split, and in few hours you’re in the Krknjaši Blue Lagoon with rewarding crystal clear and calm waters of turquoise hue. It is a spellbinding destination where one feels a world away.

It is not a secret that Split, Dubrovnik, Hvar town, Sibenik, and some other big towns located on the coast of Central Adriatic, are the busiest yacht charter destinations. Those are the centers with breathtaking architecture and history. So the fact that they attract an impressive amount of yacht enthusiasts is understandable.


No doubt if you’re in Croatia for the first time and choose to explore its central and southern part, these towns and cities are a must to see. However, if you’ve already seen those touristic mastodons, you may consider unwrapping for yourself some other side of this beautiful Balkan country and its different moods.

Maybe it’s time to discover Croatia’s isolated monasteries, lagoons, national parks sometimes occupying the whole island or even a group of islands, vine yards and lavender fields. At the end of the day, Croatia doesn’t only consist of medieval towns and “Game of Thrones” filming locations.


History enthusiasts would favor a sailing trip to a submarine pen located on the island Vis. Here at Luka Rogacic you’ll encounter with the Cold War relic surrounded with stunning natural views. An anchorage in this natural harbor is a very popular option if Vis is part of your yacht charter itinerary. Otherwise, it would not be worth of sailing all the way down here as Vis is the most remote Dalmatian island from the mainland of Croatia.

Biograd na moru is a pretty little town cozily seating between Sibenik and Zadar. Once a home to aristocrats, it was conquered and destroyed by Venetian and Turks. Today Biogrand na moru houses a beautiful waterfront, quite a big marina with all the facilities for yacht travelers, and something for those who travel with children. It is Fun Park Mirnovec in case you’re not into historical sites but more into active fun like this.

When you sail along the coast of Croatia and its islands, you’ll notice many oyster farms. However, those pulled from Mali Ston Bay, which is on Dalmatian Coast are one of the most delicious ones. Some gourmet travel specifically to this beautiful and quiet region to taste these delectable underwater wonders at their source. Here in Mali Ston you’ll enjoy not only spectacular oysters, but the landscape and something that is left from the past, for example 14th-century fortification wall, one of the longest in Europe. It was built to protect salt that was the main form of wealth back in the medieval times for local people.


Pakleni Islands are perfect if you are exploring Hvar island but don’t really feel like staying in any of the towns over there. Instead, Paklenis offer you secluded natural harbors where you may find peaceful anchorages during windy weather or when you don’t be too far from civilization. There’s a lot of natural beauty to discover here during your yacht charter journey in Croatia.

Lovebirds would definitely consider sailing by Galesnjak island. Why so? This tiny piece of land is formed in the shape of heart if you look at it from bird’s eye view. Why not to consider it as one of the most romantic places in the Adriatic since the nature decided itself that this island would look like a symbol of love? The island is located close to Zadar and Biograd na moru.


If you happen to sail the yacht in this region, you must visit Nature park Telašćica located on Dugi Otok. It is a blissful blend of natural peace and harmony. One of the highlights of the park is the salty lake Mir located in the southwestern part of the island, and again, from aerial view it looks fantastic, so does from the land.

As you see, there are so many unique places in Croatia to enjoy during a yacht charter holiday. Even though it’s a relatively small country, it’s not the easiest task to create an itinerary for a yacht cruise. Yet, it is an exciting job. And Contact Yachts ­is more than happy to help you organizing the best ever vacation and finding a yacht of your dreams.


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