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Turkish Kas - Romantic Delight Of The Mediterranean | Yacht Charter Turkey

Turkish Kas - Romantic Delight Of The Mediterranean | Yacht Charter Turkey

Here there are no “all-inclusive hotels” which attract mass tourism, thus the town is able to save its authenticity and soul.

Kaş is the reason why you choose the Mediterranean as your yacht destination. From one side you can call it a typical seaside town resort with white-washed houses and colorful doors and windows decorated with blooming bougainvillea. On the other hand, it has no resemblance with any other town in the region.

Maybe people are different here. In Turkish Kaş you meet a lot of artistic natures, who probably downshifted from big cities like Ankara or Istanbul to immerse themselves into Mediterranean lifestyle and let’s say to open a coffee shop or a souvenir little store with handmade leather bags.

Kaş is one of the most romantic towns in the Mediterranean. It is a special delight of Turkish South-Western coast. Here there are no “all-inclusive hotels” which attract mass tourism, thus the town is able to save its authenticity and soul.

Several decades ago Kaş resembled a small fishing village with unspoilt nature and quiet life. Today it is still relatively silent here comparing to neighboring Antalya or Ölüdeniz.


When in Kaş, for a moment you think: ‘Am I in Turkey or Greece?” It’s no wonder you have this feeling. Kaş does remind a Greek little town mainly because these areas used to be inhabited by Greeks until the beginning of the last century. In the early 20’s Greece and Turkey exchanged their population under special convention. So the architecture, narrow streets, little houses cascading down the winding streets, and blossoming jasmine trees are partly the heritage of the past days in Kaş. Yet what you see is Mediterranean Turkey as well.

During your yacht charter vacation, you may dedicate to Kaş several hours of your time. It will be enough to feel this place. The old town is located on the mainland. High from the sky it reminds an eye-brow, that is what a kaş word means in Turkish.

Near the main part of the town there is a Çukurbağ Peninsula which extends into the sea per six kilometers. It is one of the most beautiful pieces of land in the region. Not only because it is planted with gorgeous lime and olive trees, flowers and bushes, houses, villas and boutique hotels, but because of the views. From one side of the peninsula you look at a small bay out of which mountains rise up high above. From the other side of Çukurbağ Peninsula you see ample Mediterranean Sea and a Greek island of Kastellorizo, just several kilometers away. Often yacht itinerary of holiday-makers includes a visit to this island as well.


After leaving the yacht, place yourself at the main square of Kaş where you’ll find Atatürk statue. From here it will be easier to decide which direction to go in order to explore the town – whether to have a promenade along the quay or to stroll through streets up until the mountains which buttress the town. Every street, which germinates from the main palm-fringed square, offers a great choıce of places to eat and drink.

One of the best times of the day to stroll around Kaş is an hour before sunset. The town enwraps into this light pinky peach hue; tiny houses are enlightened with the last rays of sun before they disappear over the horizon. Every little corner of the place looks so marvelous. And the photographs you take at this very moment are divine. For the best sunset views while being in Kaş you should head up the mountain above the town. There are several panorama sites where it’s possible to enjoy the golden peach sunset light filtering through narrow lane of Kaş.


Dinky little town of Kaş has abundance of gift shops. Some of them are quite commercial and sell souvenirs you can get anywhere in Turkey. However, most offer unique and handmade workpieces. There are many artists living in town or coming here during the season. That turns Kaş into small creative mart. What is even more pleasant over here is that the merchants are very easy going and cultured, and they don’t park on tourists forcing them to buy something. You won’t see here annoying persistence intrinsic in other places.

Don’t be surprised when walking around Kaş you’ll run into relics in the middle of the street or just above the roofs of houses curved into the mountains. These are Lycian tombs, the heritage from ancient town of Antiphellos.

Kaş is not only restaurants with delicious food and little shops with unique souvenirs, it is also a home to jazz concerts, art performances and festivals, as well cultured exhibitions. If you happen to visit one during yacht vacation, you’ll see how cultured and talented local people are.


Kaş is ideal for underwater exploits, such as snorkeling and diving. There are numerous reefs and wrecks to see, such as several military planes resting deep in the sea and a 1960-model tank being submerged in summer of 2017. Not to mention the ruins of ancient sunken city of Kekova which rest in clear waters close to Kaş. While exploring the underwater world you’ll see the diversity fauna: different fishes, octopus, turtles.

Teke Peninsula where Kaş is located is like storehouse of wonders to see. On the ‘travel menu’ you’ll find sleepy little towns where life is too quiet even during high season, as well loud party places, modern boutique hotels dangling above the rocky coastline with crystal clear turquoise waters, ancient ruins, overcrowded beaches and secluded coves, butterfly valleys and turtle beaches. For those who like active vacation there is rafting, trekking, canyons, and kayaking. As for trekking, one of the best trekking routes in the world knows as the Lycian way passes through Kaş.


Locality around Kaş is one solid archeological “Disneyland”. Everywhere there are ruins and remains of ancient civilizations who lived here centuries or millennia ago. You can visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site – the ruins of Xanthos and the river where it stands. One more option is to see the Lycian city of Patara or Myra, where one of the most popular saints - Saint Nicholas, was born.

Indeed, anyone who’s visiting Kaş will find entertainment for every taste, where there is on land, under the water or high in the sky. Paragliding is very popular in this area. Here and there you see adventurers flying over the town and slowly alighting on the land.

So make sure to include this gorgeous Turkish delight into your yacht itinerary while exploring unique and always sunny coastline of Turkey!


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