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What else is there to see: The Bozburun Peninsula in Turkey

What else is there to see: The Bozburun Peninsula in Turkey

Top destination for yacht charters in Turkey, including D Maris Bay, Manzara Restaurant, romantic Datca & gulet shipyards

The Bozburun Peninsula: "What else is there?"

Whenever we go on a trip for a vacation, some of us are eager to see as much as we can. The question "What else is there to see?" can't simply stop popping out of our head, because we don’t want to miss any interesting site there’s on our way.

This is quite a normal feeling for those who get inspired by travels, but it's a slippery slope. Because in a constant search of things to discover it’s possible to miss the purpose of a holiday and stay unrelaxed. So of course it’s better to find a balance and not to have a "travel agony" described above. Otherwise those of us would need another vacation from a vacation (I’m sorry for tautology).

Do your best between exploring and having a peaceful time for your body and mind. Both will be thankful to you for that and will reward you later with some positive energy you need to carry on with work or anything what keeps you busy when you're back at home.

I know it is quite an unusual introduction to a blog post about a marvelous Turkish peninsula of Bozburun about which I decided to write today. However, it makes some sense if you choose to visit this place during your Blue Cruise voyage along Turquoise coast of this beautiful country. This land has something more to offer you rather than a captivating nature with “postcard” views and aquamarine waters, so the feeling “I want to see it all and now” can easily appear.


The Bozburun Peninsula is located southwest of Turkey and clutched between the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. Its coastline is full of ancient remains of classical Greek and Byzantine history, redolent bazaars, where you can get lost in the fragrance and variety of succulent vegetables and fruits, spices and nuts, spellbinding ornaments of traditional pottery, rugs, and other local color. Here in the civilized oriental fairy tale with friendly and hospitable people, endlessly delicious and diverse world class cuisine you’ll live through a fabulous journey, and not just a holiday.

Nevertheless, a simple formula of a wonderful vacation here is not to hurry. In a few-days-time of sailing around the peninsula you’ll naturally discover the feast of lush colors and peaceful quiet senses. There will be enough of beauty for your eyes. And you’ll have the feeling as if you got a chance to become a National Geographic photographer who was sent on a journey to a wonderland.


The absence of nearby airports and large crowded hotels left this territory unspoilt, and we’re pretty much very happy about that if not to sound egoistic. Tourists usually come here to stay in small boutique hotels, or travelers visit this place from the sea when chartering a yacht or a traditional Turkish wooden boat called gulet. A classical yacht charter itinerary would include visiting Bozburun Peninsula, Bodrum, Datça, and Greek islands, such as Symi, Rhodes, Kos.

Here’s a small overview what’s actually here for you to see. Pay a short-stop over to a classic Turkish seaside village of Orhaniye. The place is famous for its fresh and organic vegetables & fruits market, coves with crystal clear waters to swim and one unique beach called Kizkumu located in a nearby bay, which means "Maiden's Sand". It’s a 600-meters long tongue of sand where you can walk while being surrounded with deep waters.

It’s a pleasant spectacle when you see it for the first time, as you may think: “How can all these people walk on top of the sea surface?” The narrow coastline of this place has atypical for this area terracotta color and is covered with poppy flowers.


Right near Orhaniye there’s a beautiful village called Selimiye located around a small peninsula-like ledge. This is a favorite place of repose for Turkish people and experienced yacht travelers. If you look at Selimiye from a bird’s eye, you’ll see nothing but a beautiful mix of lush bushy trees and red tile roofs of the villas and little boutique hotels. There’s no loud music, neither “noisy” groups of tourists here. Instead, there are miniature tavernas, lounge coffee places, and several authentic restaurants which are located just two meters away from the transparent and very captivating sea. This perfect summer scenery is complimented with small fishing boats anchored or moored at the quayside. Perhaps, in addition to lounging here you would enjoy vising remnants of Hydas, the ancient city.

Tender hills and mountains of Bozburun Peninsula are covered with evergreen trees and bushes, and they look pretty fluffy. Here the land disappears quite smoothly inside the emerald and azure colors of the sea. The water near the shore is so clean that you can see the bottom which is more than seven meters deep. Add here the sounds of singing cicadas and crickets, and you have a perfect formula of a relaxing blue cruise experience.


Between exploring the towns, you ‘ll be changing bays from time to time, dropping the anchor where it’s peaceful and quiet, and swimming until the lunch or snack time is ready for you to enjoy.

Bozburun Peninsula is a blissful piece of land where there’s nothing but unspoilt beauty along rugged coastline, empty gorges, secluded creeks with goats wandering around outcrops. And the air is so aromatic here that you will want to bring it back home with you. Imagine odor filled with sage, rosemary, and thyme.


And finally, Bozburun. It is one of the cutest and most interesting villages located on the peninsula of the same name. In addition to beautiful nature, fish restaurants, a pastry shop, which is renowned far beyond the town, Bozburun is also very known for the boat workshops scattered around the town where local craftsmen build popular Turkish gulets. You absolutely must see these shipyards, which are located just by the road in-between usual houses and look as if the boats are being built just in the backyards where you have chickens and roosters walking around freely, and growing potatoes. So you wouldn't need any special permission to see local shipyards.

Those, who usually choose to visit Bozburun Peninsula, admire slowness of life which is reflected in small joys like reading a book or listening to your favorite music under awning aboard the yacht, or a trip to the shore to visit cute local sites such as the Honey House Museum in Osmaniye. Yes, Turkey is one of the world leaders in producing pine honey. And the most share of produced sweet treat comes from this part of the country. You could also take a quick ride to a mountain village, like Bayir, where you feel a real authentic culture untouched by the presence of anything foreign. İf you do choose to do so, don’t forget to drink a refreshing glass of ayran or Turkish tea in the cafe next to a unique local attraction – a plane tree which is more than 2,500 years old. İt’s a very famous plant in this region.

This is a real life experience of Turkish traditions which is offered to you by Bozburun Peninsula, one of many gems of this region. Away from the television, news, city rush and traffics an eco-like travel journey always awaits for you.


Selimiye harbor




Selimiye from the top of the hill




Bozburun local authentic shop

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