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What’s on menu in Santorini | Yacht Charter in Greece

What’s on menu in Santorini | Yacht Charter in Greece

Would you agree that Santorini is about “it doesn’t matter what you eat, but rather where you eat”?

Santorini. What a delicious name itself of the island, which attracts millions of travelers every year. Mostly people come here for the stunning and unique views. And that’s the fact. If you haven’t been here yet, then you still can picture what we’re talking about from the photographs you must have seen in the magazines or online. The fame of this island, whose official name is Thera, is huge.

Culinary experience is a part of every journey. As every popular destination, Thera has a lot to offer to gourmet. Every village of the island features various dining locations. You just choose yours.

However, to be honest with you, here at Santorini culinary experience can be a little bit different. Here it may work, as “it doesn’t matter what you eat, but rather where you eat”. Of course, usually we all try to find best places where locals prefer to dine, which normally means that a café or a restaurant has a very delicious menu - a real local authentic food. However, there isn’t always time to find or reach such location.


Plus, let’s be honest, it is for the location you come to visit Santorini, as this “volcanic island” has one of the most beautiful vies in the whole region for sure, and definitely outside of it too. Especially in Oia there are so many breathtaking terraces for breakfast, memorable lunch and unforgettable dinner in the light of sunset, which colors the sky in all hues of peach, pink, and violet.

When you sit around the table and on your left or right there’s a panoramic view at the most romantic location in the world, it doesn’t really matter much what’s on your plate. It also can be completely empty. Now it’s definitely about location.

However, Santorini is a real gastronomic destination without doubt.


Local wine is very popular here and famous outside of the island. It has amazing taste thanks to special Santorini soil, which is a mix of pumice stone, fragments of solidified lava, volcanic ash and sand. Nikteri is white young wine made from underripe grapes, Vincanto – red made from sun-dried grapes, and Cicudia, which is quite strong and reminds grappa.

Try to order a Greek salad here. Even though it’s a simple dish you’ll be pleased to the tops. The ingredients: red onion, tomato, cucumbers, that are locally cultivated, and feta cheese. To be honest with you it’s the most delicious we’ve tasted. There must be something incredible with this volcanic soil, which gives amazing and rich taste to the vegetables.

“Black sand” Perivolos beach is a real tourist attraction. Where else would you touch black lava sand with your feet? This place also has a big choice of places to dine and swim. We’ve had sumptuous experience in Fish Tavern “o Perivolos”: Greek salad, fava beans, red & sweet onion, sea food, eggplant baked in the oven, cheese, authentic Cretan salad. The list of starters may go on and on, not speaking of the main course.


Pyrgos village isn’t the most popular among those who come to Santorini. It’s not Fira or Oia, which feature some of the best views. However, it is Pyrgos, where you’d have one of the best dining experiences in local taverns. They’re not overcrowded; the food is amazing and local. Here inhabitants of the island prefer to eat when they go out. Mythos tavern has a great variety of dishes and wines, and it does feature a beautiful panoramic view, as it’s located on the hill. One more options is Metaxy Mas, where they serve “fillet with Vinsanto sauce or boneless pork chops with orange sauce and jacket potato” or risotto-like seafood dish called 'Giouvetsi' featuring mussels, prawns, saffron, olive oil. Ask your crew to organize a transfer for you to this village and have some beautiful and delicious time exploring Santorini food.

Be sure that wherever you choose to eat, you’ll meet the friendliest and the most interesting people, the freshest seasonal ingredients and great hospitality, as dining is such a big part of Greek culture.


Food lovers must visit the world famous “Selene” restaurant also located in Pygros, as not only it has creative Greek and Santorini cuisine, but because it has an incredible story behind.

The restaurant was opened more than 30 years ago by Mr. Giorgos Hatzigiannakis, when Greek food wasn’t very popular. Who knew that was the case, right? Local dining places in Greece were offering more of foreign dishes, specifically focusing on French cuisine. It was because locals thought they had nothing to impress tourists with, thinking that their own recipes “represented the poverty of the old days”. The family of Hatzigiannakis thought the other way. So they started to do the magic by renovating the old recipes, promoting local ingredients, experimenting with food, and thus developing Santorini’s cuisine and inspiring others. This all was more than appreciated first by travelers, and then by locals as well. So it is fair to say that “Selene” was the pioneer of what we can taste in famous modern Greek cuisine and in Santorini, as a popular gastronomic destination.

Enjoy your meal “a la greca” while on a beautiful cruise along the Aegean aboard your luxury yacht.

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