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Yacht Charter Broker & The Dream Vacation

Yacht Charter Broker & The Dream Vacation

Is there a value for you in having a yacht charter specialist planning your yachting holiday? Let's find out together.

Chartering a yacht for a perfect dream vacation is a task that requires a multi-level approach and plenty of decisions to make. In order to have the best result, the work on each level should be carried out by a trusted and discreet professional with years of experience and expertise in what it makes an excellent yacht charter vacation.

That is why there is such profession as a yacht charter broker. It is an industry expert who has excellent knowledge of charter yachts, travel & cruising destinations, the crew and the trends of the market. It is a person whose insider knowledge of the business is fundamental in helping you planning, organizing, and of course booking a yacht charter holiday in any part of the world.

Organization goes far beyond the yacht matters. A yacht charter broker also follows all the news in the world of perfect cruising vacations, such as new laws, taxes, regulations in the country you choose as your travel destination.

Traveling, exploring yachts, meeting the crew and participating in the world-renowned yacht shows is all part of the yacht charter broker’s job. A first-hand encounter with the yachts allows offering invaluable advices to the clients.

The professional may also advise you on the best local restaurants to visit. He or she will book a professional guide or a historian if you wish to learn more about local heritage and culture of the place you visit with a yacht, whether it's Italy, Indonesia, Monaco, or the Caribbean. In reality, the spectrum of the yacht charter broker’s knowledge is close to limitless. It is so because his or her goal is to make your tailor-made holiday the best you’ve ever had.

One of the most important advantages for you as a client in having a yacht charter broker is that his or her service is free of charge. So you don’t only save time and nerves when choosing the help of industry expert. The yacht charter broker receives his fee from the yacht’s owner. So the whole process of booking a yacht that starts from finding the right one and continues with going through itineraries, food & drink preferences, payment matters, safety on board, etc. does not cost you extra money.

For more information on yacht charter vacations, please visit our FAQ section. If you have any question, you are always welcome to contact us directly at [email protected].

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