From Finike to Bodrum

From Finike to Bodrum

Rugged mountains, ancient civilizations, romantic sunset spots

Yacht rental Bodrum & Finike | Sailing route to enjoy the highlights of Blue Cruise

It is a perfect program for those wishing to explore the whole Turquoise coast of Turkey, visit its most beautiful villages, towns, historical sites, and natural wonders. The route is just a suggestion for our clients. Our yacht charter agents will create a tailor-made itinerary that's based on your preferences and wishes.

If you like this route and would like to charter a gulet, a sailing or a motor yacht to follow such itinerary, please contact our yacht experts to see the options available in your preferred dates.

Day 1: Finike – Kekova

Board your gulet in Finike, and take a cruise along Kekova island, stopping at the cove known as Tersane for a swim and a walk along the beach to the ruins of the Byzantine church.

To Tersane island to view the " sunken city “ from a glass-bottomed kayak before proceeding to the lunchtime anchorage of Gokkaya — a charming natural harbour indented with many inlets and dotted with islands.

From here, take a taxi to ancient Myra and marvel at the Lycian rock tombs and Roman theatre for which the site is famous. In the nearby town of Demre, there is the church of St. Nicholas (who became known as Santa Claus ).

You ma also want to visit Kale, for an opportunity to explore the ruins of ancient Simena: the battlements of Simena's Medieval fortress stand dramatically over the village and within the castle walls is a small theatre. The view from the castle of Kale and the entire Kekova Roads is breathtaking. Photograph the sarcophagi which are dotted over the slopes of the hill.

Overnight in Kekova with dinner onboard.

Day 2: Kekova – Kalkan

An early morning departure for Kalkan, passing Oludeniz, the “Dead Sea” - famous for its long white pebble beach - and the Seven Capes.

Anchor in the small harbour of Kalkan, the focal point from which rises a network of narrow winding streets that service the town’s historical quarter. Here you can wander at leisure amid Ottoman-Greek style whitewashed houses, their wooden balconies adorned with colourful bougainvillea and their shuttered windows open to catch the breeze. Browse through tiny shops sitting side-by-side with cafes and mingle with the friendly locals. Kalkan is picturesque; unique in that its “Greek-ness” is still so tangible.

No trip to Kalkan is complete without an evening meal under the stars: dine out in one of many excellen terrace restaurants high on the hill overlooking the harbour and an island-studded bay.


Day 3: Kalkan – Gemiler Island

Gemiler Island was a famous pirate hangout in its day and even boasts pirate-ship parking, which have since subsided into the sea, so you may require mask and flippers to see these docks and supply stores properly. The island is literally covered with Byzantine ruins! In the city district of the island, there are hundreds of houses - some of them quite well preserved - along with three churches and a large graveyard. Separated from the city district, beyond a wall, there is the upper part of the island where it is possible to see a large church - decorated with floor mosaics - thought to be the Church of St. Nicholas, along with tombs, a huge cistern and a long covered corridor connecting this church with another on the east of the island.

The summit of Gemiler island affords a most magnificent view out over the Aegean sea and your climb is celebrated with champagne and a heavenly view.

Move on to Cold Water Bay (Bestas Limani) and dine out tonight at the quaint “lokanta" ashore.


Day 4: Gemiler Island – Ekincik

After breakfast, sail for the bay of Ekincik and take a small river boat up the Dalyan River to the ruins of ancient Caunos. Join a local guide here and spend an hour or two walking around this fabulous Carian site. Make a stop in Dalyan town for refreshments and souvenirs before returning to the yacht at Ekincik.

Overnight in an Ekincik anchorage with dinner ashore at ‘My Marina’, with its world class restaurant perched high on the hill overlooking the bay.

Day 5: Ekincik – Bozukkale

Bozukkale is home to one of the most fabulous ancient sites on the Aegean coast, that being ancient Loryma. Be sure to wear some sturdy shoes as the journey up to the ruins of ancient Loryma follows a rough path over rocky ground. The view from the top, where you, the climber, finds yourself standing atop the walls of a Hellenistic citadel, is just perfect! Below, you will see where an ancient naval base once provided protection for trading ships, and as you walk around, you can admire the workmanship that created walls to last forever.

A night to enjoy al fresco dining under the stars.


Day 6: Bozukkale - Bozburun

Bozburun is a definitive highlight on any southern Aegean itinerary. It was once the sponge-diving capital of Turkey but today most activity centres around yachting tourism and the building of traditional Turkish vessels. Bozburun has a sleepy charm, a quiet and relaxed atmosphere which encompasses the small harbour around which it is built and the surrounding farmland. There are just several dining options onshore. Some of them are quite authentic. One is located in Bozburun Yacht Club - a beautiful coastal spot where some of the most famous people like to spend their summer vacations.

The countryside around Bozburun is renowned for its wild beauty, with tall mountains, craggy cliff faces and thick groves of wild olive. The bay is also very well protected, so be sure to enjoy a swim or a spot of snorkelling around one of the islets.

Day 7: Bozburun - Datca – Knidos

Datca peninsula is considered to be one of the most beautiful and unspoilt seaside territories of the Turkish south-western coast. A town of the same name turns into a bustling hotspot for travellers in summer with plenty of seaside fish restaurants, pretty decorations and caring service from the locals.

Datca is a small port town with a lively harbour and if you are so inclined, you can take a taxi and visit the cobble-stone streets of Old Datca (Eski Datca), that would make you feel as if you’re somewhere in one of the villages in Tuscany or South of France. Or perhaps take an overland trip to "The Olive Farm", to learn a little about the age-old Turkish traditions of processing olives into olive oil! Wine tasting experiences are also getting more and more popular each year in this area.

In the evening take a walk near the seaside in Datca and explore the town’s souvenir shop and boutique stores with organic goods produced locally. Pay a visit to a pastry or a homemade ice-cream shop. Don’t forget to taste almonds that grow here. Datca almonds are very famous throughout the country.

Or after Datca move to Knidos in the afternoon. Knidos is a very large site and an impressive backdrop for a refreshing dip. Once anchored at Knidos, take a tender ashore to explore the ruins of this once-thriving trade centre. Knidos has two theaters, the larger of which seated an audience of 20,000, a number of temples and an acropolis. Take in the view from above the ruined circular temple of Aphrodite - a site of worship which once attracted thousands of worshipers, all vying to witness the beauty of Praxiteles’s nude statue of Aphrodite. The base of this famous statue can still be seen today. Also of importance is a sundial, developed by a son of Knidos - the great mathematician and inventor, Eudoksus. As you wander past a temple dedicated to Apollo or admire the mosaic floors of a church, imagine how life must have been in city perfectly positioned at the convergence of numerous key trade routes. Knidos has two ancient harbours and the yacht will drop anchor in the bigger eastern harbour from where it is possible to see the ruins.


Day 8: Bodrum

Disembark in Bodrum after breakfast.


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