From Gocek to Gocek via Kekova

From Gocek to Gocek via Kekova



Board your yacht in Gocek and cruise through one of the most picturesque gulfs in the world, home of the "Gocek Bays" to Ruin Bay.

Swim and snorkel around the ruins of Byzantine monastery lying partially submerged in the bay. There is also a short hike to some ancient ruins on the hills above.

Tonight, enjoy a traditional Turkish meal at the small restaurant in Ruin Bay.


Following breakfast in Ruin Bay and some water sports, sit back and enjoy a leisurely said across the Gulf of Fethiye to Gemiler Island. Once at anchor off Gemiler Island, go ashore to explore the fascinating Byzantine ruins that appear everywhere amongst the foliage.

These extensive ruins include a covered walkway leading to the water's edge and a church with a partially excavated mosaic floor.

Return to the yacht and take some refresments before grabbing some snerkelling gear and exploring a sunken quay that is so close to the surface!

In the final minutes before sunset, make your way to the summit of Gemiler Island and enjoy the magnificent spectacle of the sun disappearing beyonf the horizon.

Overnight in Gemiler Island with dinner on board.


Sail past the Seven Capes and the long, sandy beach of Patara to Kalkan in the early afternoon. Kalkan is pretty coastal town set on a hillside overlooking the Mediterranean. Once moored in the small harbour, take a walk through the narrow streets where bougainvillea and jasmine spill from the balconies and the local vendors sell an amazing variety of merchandise.

Tonight, dine ashore in one of the Kalkan's many wonderful restaurants.


Enjoy an overland tour to the three archaeological sites of Xanthos, Patara and Letoon. Xanthos was the capital of the Lycian league which rose to the height of its splendour in the 10th century BC. Patara, recognised by scholars as the birthplace of Apollo, has a magnificent history dating back as far as 7th-century BC - it was certainly an important place of trade in antiquity. Letoon was a place of worship for the people of Xanthos and the most important ruins are those of the Temples of Leto, Apollo and Artemis.

Rendezvous with the yacht at Kale Köy (ancient Simena) and hire a glass-bottom boat to view the "sunken city" - an underwater museum located off Kekova Island. The water here is exceptionally clear and it is possible to make out the outlines of the buildings and houses below.

Üçağız is a quaint village with a charming atmosphere and not so far away are the ruins of ancient Teimiussa. In Kale Köy, take an uphill climb through the streets to the medieval fortress of ancient Simena for the ultimate view of tih smost beautiful strecth of coastline.

Overnight in Kale Köy with dinner on board.


Sailing back in the direction of Gocek, stop for lunch at Asar Bay, the site of ancient Aperlai.

While you are here, snorkel over the ruins of the quay and harbour streets which now lie under the water.

Continuining west to Kas, take a tender boat ashore and visit the theatre of ancient Antiphellos before returning to this busy little town to shop for souvenirs or relax in a harbour side cafe.

Dinner ashore before returning to the yacht anchored in the adjacent bay of Bayindir.


An early morning departure for Karacaoren, a delightful reef-fringed bay with an off lying island on which a church and several crypts, once of the which contains a remarkably well-preserved fresco of St. Christopher.

The crystal clear waters of the bay make some excellent snorkelling and there is a good restaurant ashore at which to dine this evening.

Overnight in Karacaoren with dinner ashore.


Spend a final day on the beautiful Gulf of Fethiye, visiting such picturesque spots as Domuz Island and the Yassica Islands before heading into Gocek Harbour for a final night in port.

Gocek was once a sleepy village, but is now a major yachting centre. It has retained its charm, however and has a great selection of restaurants, cafes and boutique stores catering to visitors and local alike.

Enjoy Gocek by night with dinner at one of the town's finest eateries, or on board with the company of your crew.


Disembark in Gocek after breakfast.

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