From Gocek to Bodrum via Hisaronu Bay

From Gocek to Bodrum via Hisaronu Bay

Ancient cities, islands, famous restaurants

Gocek - Gocek bays

Gocek was once a sleepy village, but is now a major yachting centre. It has retained its charm, however it has a great selection of restaurants, cafes and boutique stores catering to visitors and locals alike.

The Gocek Bays are locally known as “Skopea Limanı”. This area is among the most beautiful cruising grounds in the world. Verdant hills and mountains descend steeply to rock-strewn and pebbled shores. Here, tiny coves, narrow inlets and picturesque anchorages are quiet and secluded, the midday sun warming masses of red pine and the smell of these, filling the air – much like the ever present summertime song of the cicada. Skopea Harbour is also dotted with twelve islands and is steeped in history.

Ekincik - Dalyan river

Cross to Ekincik Bay in the morning and spend a day at leisure in this most beautiful of bays, where thick pine forest tumbles down steep slopes to the water’s edge and time seems to slow right down.

Later board a small riverboat and head south-east along a craggy, indented coastline before entering the mouth of the Dalyan river. Once past the sandy spit of Iztuzu beach, it is a short ride through the reed-lined channels of the delta to the ruins of ancient Caunos. ztuzu beach is also known as Turtle Beach as it is one of the last remaining breeding grounds for the rare Loggerhead Turtle. The ruins of Caunos are found below a hill topped with an acropolis - an exhilarating ascent, rewards the climber with an amazing view of the surrounding area. See a theatre, an early Byzantine church, Roman baths and closer to the ancient harbour, the remains of an Agora and temples.

En route to the town of Dalyan you will pass under a set of Lycian rock tombs high on the cliff face overlooking the river. These tombs date back to 400 – 600 BC and are the finest example of their type to be found anywhere.


Marmaris is one of the most famous resort cities in Turkey. Usually in summer it is very noisy and crowded.

Marmaris has a very beautiful old town part with narrow streets, whitewashed houses that remind you of Greece. You can visit the ancient fortress, built in the 16th century by order of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. Later you can enjoy some local shopping.

We recommend to stop by the shop of traditional Turkish ceramics dishes, where real masterpieces of painted ceramics are on the display. Some of famous people stop by this place. Few years ago Roman Abramovich's yacht was in Marmaris, and the yacht crew bought some huge painted dishes for the guests of the yacht exactly from this shop.

Hisaronu Bay around Bozburun Peninsula

The Bozburun Peninsula is located southwest of Turkey and clutched between the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. Its coastline is full of ancient remains of classical Greek and Byzantine history, redolent bazaars, where you can get lost in the fragrance and variety of succulent vegetables and fruits, spices and nuts, spellbinding ornaments of traditional pottery, rugs, and other local color. Here in the civilized oriental fairy tale with friendly and hospitable people, endlessly delicious and diverse world class cuisine you’ll live through a fabulous journey, and not just a holiday.

Travelers, who usually choose to visit the Hisaronu Bay, admire slowness of life which is reflected in small joys like reading a book or listening to your favorite music under awning aboard the yacht, or a trip to the shore to visit cute local sites such as the Honey House Museum in Osmaniye. Yes, Turkey is one of the world leaders in producing pine honey. And the most share of produced sweet treat comes from this part of the country. You could also take a quick ride to a mountain village, like Bayir, where you feel a real authentic culture untouched by the presence of anything foreign. İf you do choose to do so, don’t forget to drink a refreshing glass of ayran or Turkish tea in the cafe next to a unique local attraction – a plane tree which is more than 2,500 years old. İt’s a very famous plant in this region.


This is one of the most peaceful anchorages on the Turkish coast cruise. Enjoy a walk ashore through the village, meet some of the locals and try some local pine honey. A truly beautiful setting, backed by tall mountains resonating with the area's long history of at least 4,000 years.

We highly recommend a dinner at one of themes famous restaurants on the coast - Manzara Restaurant in Sogut. Booking in advance is required.

Bozburun is a definitive highlight on any southern Aegean itinerary. It was once the sponge-diving capital of Turkey but today most activity centres around yachting tourism and the building of traditional Turkish vessels. Bozburun has a sleepy charm, a quiet and relaxed atmosphere which encompasses the small harbour around which it is built and the surrounding farmland. There are just several dining options onshore. Some of them are quite authentic. One is located in Bozburun Yacht Club - a beautiful coastal spot where some of the most famous people like to spend their summer vacations.

The countryside around Bozburun is renowned for its wild beauty, with tall mountains, craggy cliff faces and thick groves of wild olive. The bay is also very well protected, so be sure to enjoy a swim or a spot of snorkelling around one of the islets.

D Maris Bay Hotel is one of the most luxurious premium hotels on the Turkish coast.

In summer, yachts of all sizes anchor in front of the hotel. One of the hotel's terraces offers a stunning panoramic view of the Hisaronu Bay and its the sandy beaches.

If the hotel’s policy allows, you can visit one of the sandy beaches, visit the La Guerite restaurant (there is a concept of a similar beach club in Cannes and St. Barts), taste famous steaks in the Nusr-Et restaurant, enjoy Japanese cuisine in Zuma or Greek cuisine in Manos. You can also book a visit to the hotel's spa. Please, ask the captain to contact the hotel and learn if yacht guests are allowed to visit the hotel.


Next destination is Selimiye Bay. Drop anchor and enjoy the unique beauty of this bay. Late in the day, take a tender ride ashore to the fabulous seafood restaurant, "Sardunya" for a night of casual dining beneath the stars on a wooden deck set along the water's edge.

The restaurant is beautifully located and has an extensive menu, including the local delicacy, "courgette flowers filled with herb infused rice". Selimiye is another coastal village inhabited by artisans - and the many small art shops in the tiny village centre attest to this.


Small little town called Datca turns into a bustling hotspot for travellers in summer with plenty of seaside fish restaurants, pretty decorations and caring service from the locals.

Take a walk and explore the town’s souvenir shop and boutique stores with organic goods produced locally. Pay a visit to a pastry or a homemade ice-cream shop. Don’t forget to taste almonds that grow here. Datca almonds are very famous throughout the country.

You can also take a taxi and visit the cobble-stone streets of Old Datca (Eski Datca), that would make you feel as if you’re somewhere in one of the villages in Tuscany or South of France.

Or perhaps take an overland trip to "The Olive Farm", to learn a little about the age-old Turkish traditions of processing olives into olive oil!

Wine tasting experiences are also getting more and more popular each year in this area.

When at Knidos, take a tender ashore to explore the ruins of this once-thriving trade centre. Knidos has two theaters, the larger of which seated an audience of 20,000, a number of temples and an acropolis.

Take in the view from above the ruined circular temple of Aphrodite -a site of worship which once attracted thousands of worshipers, allowing to witness the beauty of Praxiteles’s nude statue of Aphrodite.

The base of this famous statue can still be seen today. Also of importance is a sundial, developed by a son of Knidos - the great mathematician and inventor, Eudoksus. As you wander past a temple dedicated to Apollo or admire the mosaic floors of a church, imagine how life must have been in city perfectly positioned at the convergence of numerous key trade routes.

Bodrum is one of Turkey’s most popular coastal resort towns. White-washed houses decorated with colourful bougainvillea drape the sides of low, rounded hills leading down the harbour. A magnificent Crusader’s Castle stands proudly on a rocky promontory overlooking the marina. This is the heart of Bodrum, where tourists flock to witness the town’s famous nightlife as much as to experience its impressive history.

Heredotus, the father of history, was born here when the place was known as “Halicarnassos”. The Mausoleum of Halicarnassos was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and it is possible to visit the remains of this monumental tomb, along with the “Myndos Gate”, the antique theatre and the Castle of the Knights of St. John. Exploring the castle, which houses one of the largest museums of underwater archaeology in the world, is very relaxing in the cooler hours of the day.

Disembarkation in Bodrum after breakfast

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