Marmaris to Bodrum via Rhodes and Symi


Board the yacht in Marmaris and after settling in, sail along what is known as the Loryma Peninsula, stopping at the beautiful natural harbour of Bozukkale (the local name means “Ruined Castle”). Swim and relax in the warm afternoon sun before taking a tender ride ashore to visit the ruins of “Ancient Loryma”. This site is one of the more beautiful on the coast, so this short hike is certainly not to be missed. Take a fun scramble up the hill just prior to sunset and you will be richly rewarded – the views from the summit are nothing short of spectacular.

Overnight in Bozukkale Harbour with dinner on board.

Marmaris to Bodrum via Rhodes and Symi - Yacht Charter Itinerary in Turkey


Following breakfast in Bozukkale, sail the short distance to Rhodes, arriving at the harbour by mid-morning. The walls of the medieval Crusader Castle of the Knights of St. John are visible from the Colonna Harbourm where you will moor, and are quite a sight to behold.

Take a stroll through the Rhodes “Old Town” – a bustling place with shops of all descriptions, restaurants, cafes, bars and eateries. The shopping in Rhodes is as entertaining as you please and the history of the island is also bound to impress.

After lunch back on your yacht, take an afternoon guided tour through the local Archaeological Museum and the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of St. John.

Tonight, dine ashore in a typical Greek taverna before setting of to experience the town’s colorful nightlife.

Overnight in Rhodes Harbour.

Marmaris to Bodrum via Rhodes and Symi - Yacht Charter Itinerary in Turkey


A leisurely morning cruise takes you across to the Greek island of Symi, where the first port of call is the Bay of Panormitis. The bay is home to a seafront monastery known as the Greek Orthodox Monastery of Taxiarchis Mihail Panormitis.

It was built in 18th Century Venetian style and is said to have one of the highest baroque bell towers in the world. The village also has a good local bakehouse where you can buy some local cookies and apple pies. Later in the day, sail up the eastern side of the island and into Symi’s main harbour, “Yialos”.

This is one of the most beautiful Greek ports in all of Greece, lined with beautifully restored neo-classical houses, colourful shops and boutiques, Greek tavernas and eateries and much more. Go ashore to explore the town at leisure.

Overnight in Symi Harbor with dinner ashore, quayside.

Marmaris to Bodrum via Rhodes and Symi - Yacht Charter Itinerary in Turkey


Following breakfast in Symi harbor, head for one of the stunning bays along the eastern side of Symi, such as “Agios Georgios Disalonas” – with a dramatic backdrop of soaring cliffs.

In the afternoon, cross to the Turkish mainland and spend some time anchored off Bozburun. Situated at the head of a large harbour dotted with islands, the village of Bozburun is fun to explore while your clearance formalities are completed.

Later in the day, choose a nearby anchorage and moor there for the night. Dinner on board tonight, under a starry sky.

Marmaris to Bodrum via Rhodes and Symi - Yacht Charter Itinerary in Turkey


The day commences with a fun tender ride around the coastline and small islands lying off Bozburun - so do wear a bathing suit and take a camera to photograph the ruins.

Later, sail up the Gulf of Hisaronu and enjoy the beauty that is Dirsek – another bay with a pretty backdrop and beautiful, clear water that’s perfect for watersports. Mid-afternoon, continue on to Selimiye Bay.

There are a number of ruined Hellenistic castles on the hills around Selimiye, and the town itself is a collection of the old and the new, with quaint farmhouses nestled alongside seaside cafes, boutiques and small artisans shops.

If you wish, find a good spot to moor near one of the bay's most famous seafood restaurants, the “Sardunya" Restaurant and dine at the water’s edge as the sun goes down.

Marmaris to Bodrum via Rhodes and Symi - Yacht Charter Itinerary in Turkey


Today’s sail takes you along the western arm of the Datca Peninsula, in the direction of the town of the same name. The lunchtime stop is at Hurmali Buk, home to numerous specimens of the only date palm native to the Mediterranean, the "Cretan" date palm. It grows only on tiny part of the island of Crete and right here on the Datca Peninsula. This is also a great bay for enjoying all of your favourite water sports activities.

Later in the day, moor on the town quay of Datca and if you wish to see some more of the local culture, take a short overland trip to the "Olive Farm" and wander about the olive groves, see the on-site olive mill and vinegar house and sample some of the local wares.

Returning to the yacht, stop off at “Old Datca” for a chance to wander through the newly renovated cobble-stone streets of this former Greek settlement, with its very old stone houses, carved wooden gates, and carefully laid out courtyards shaded with a riot of purple and cerise bougainvillea. There are artisans workshops to visit, with the promise of picking up a few locally made handcrafts as souvenirs.

Overnight in Datca Harbor with dinner on board.

Marmaris to Bodrum via Rhodes and Symi - Yacht Charter Itinerary in Turkey


This morning is set aside for a relaxing visit to the ruins of Knidos - a Carian city, famous as a centre of art and culture in the fourth century B.C.

Knidos was once a flourishing trade city and had two theatres, two harbours and a large number of residential homes. Praxiteles’ most famous statue, "Aphrodite of Knidos", was a tourist attraction here and many, many sea travelers would come to Knidos for the sole purpose of seeing it. The remains of this temple are visible today, as are those of the agora, the theatre, an odeum and a temple of Dionysus - among many other interesting buildings and structures.

In the late afternoon, move on Mersincik harbour, one of the prettiest spots on the Datca Peninsula... perfect for snorkeling, swimming and relaxing in the shade.

Late in the day, cruise across to Bodrum and just as night falls, anchor beneath the walls of the Crusader’s castle. This resort town is famous for its nightlife so be sure to go ashore and enjoy the sights and sounds of Bodrum by night.

Overnight in Bodrum Harbour with dinner on board or ashore.

Marmaris to Bodrum via Rhodes and Symi - Yacht Charter Itinerary in Turkey


After breakfast, disembark the yacht in Bodrum.

Marmaris to Bodrum via Rhodes and Symi - Yacht Charter Itinerary in Turkey