Crewed Yacht Charters - experience true freedom

So many folks spend their holidays by the sea, exploring an entire coast. This works just fine, although packing up and leaving a hotel or motel can become rather tedious! Imagine unpacking just once and cruising from bay to bay for a week or 10 days… just relaxing, contemplating your choices for the day.. and not concerning yourself with anything as mundane as cooling off a hot car yet again. This is the kind of holiday where each morning will see you in a perfectly quiet setting, anchored off a pristine beach with overhanging coconut palms, and each evening will see you moored in a small harbour, where you can take a tender boat ride ashore to do some exploring. All this is do-able, so long as you have hired a crewed yacht, and have made that choice to be barefoot for as long as you possibly can. The sense of freedom achieved by chartering a crewed yacht has to be experienced, and soon becomes a new kind of pursuit.

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